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1500+ Ponies = a P51 K MUSTANG Eduard 1/48 ProfiPack.

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23 hours ago, giemme said:

Nice paint job, Simon :clap:



Cheers Giorgio. Need to pick your brains.

Did you varnish the cockpit floor before adding the streaks?


Thanks @Hamden and @elger.


Right, next day.


XF 4 or Yellow Green/ Zinc Chromate ish...


U/C bay.




Plus U/C doors Inner.




Tail wheel housing.




Next XF 1, yeah old Matt Black.


Cockpit parts.




The seat has still a lot of painting to be done.


And the fuel tank, again.

I did not like the finish of the NATO Black so re done it.




Well, not else left for today, and with hospital tomorrow it will be probably Wednesday/Thursday before I post again.


Stay safe.



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3 hours ago, Spookytooth said:

Did you varnish the cockpit floor before adding the streaks?

No Simon, I gloss coated the wooden part only in the end. IIRC, I did paint the base color, then the streaks, then some filters (heavily diluted wash) to blend it together and give the desired wooden effect (bit of red if you want cherry, more brown if you like otherwise). Only then I did varnish it - in case ai went overboard with the top black coat; this would have allowed me to gently scrape away any black excess/overspray without damaging the wood finish. HTH


More lovely paint work, BTW :clap:



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16 hours ago, The Spadgent said:

Looking amazing. Really nicely detailed. Good luck with the camera dear boy. 


Thanks Johnny, it all went well, back home by 13.30 tp a nice cup of coffee (Was nil by Mouth before then).



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On 13/04/2022 at 04:49, AliGauld said:

All looking really good.

Hope the hospital trip went ok.




Thanks Alistair, it went well but other things have arisen (see below)


Thanks @giemme, will have a go at that soon.


Thanks @Hamden, @The Spadgent, @Biggles87 and @elger.


Well , such is life.

After a quiet weekend with no time on the bench I thought that Monday would be fine, but no!!!

I woke up that morning, not feeling to great and ended up at our local hospital.

My AF has come back to haunt me again.

I was discharged after six hours with nowt they could do then.

I now await news on what will go on, again.


Anyhow, I got some stuff done today.




Fuselage halves , read for some silver of some description.




Inner doors had their P.C.M`s added.




The main bay had its spar masked, as per instructions.

A pain but got there.




And the top of the pilots seat, although I will have to re-do the black underneath again, easier demarcation line.




And finally, I managed to glue some of the P.E. on the I/P.




I just have the bezel sheet? and some little levers ? to add.


Hope to get more done soon (ish).


Stay safe.



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On 22/04/2022 at 07:52, giemme said:

Simon, sorry to hear about your troubles - I hope you get fixed soon.


Meanwhile, excellent progress on the interiors :clap: 




On 25/04/2022 at 07:00, Biggles87 said:




Thanks good sirs for your messages, I have suffered with a heart problem since `96 so I am use to it now.

A hinderance more than anything.


Thanks @elger, @Hamden and @AliGauld.


Well, success, I got onto the bench, well the spray booth actually and I have made a bit of progress.


Dug out the H&S, turned the pressure down to 11 p.s.i. and !!!!




Sprayed this little lot with Alcad2 Airframe Aluminium.




Fuselage/oil cooler area.






Main U/C bay.




Oil cooler roof?




And oil cooler radiator and seat (for wear and tear later,) In Stainless I should of added, for contrast.




Will have a peak later.


Stay safe.





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On 26/04/2022 at 16:08, giemme said:

And you should as well be! :clap:  :clap: 



On 26/04/2022 at 16:43, AliGauld said:

Nice paint work.

It's looks excellent from here.

I'd be very chuffed too.




Thanks lads, it means a lot.



Thanks @Hamden and @Sturmovik.


Well, yet again life gets in the way but...not for that long.


Hairy stick out and some streaks of Dark Earth and Red Brown to the cockpit floor.




Next up will be the Orange/Red wash that @giemme mentioned.


Air brush ready for some Alcad2 Aluminium.


Bottom of the wing/s first.





Then the inner parts.




A bit of splatter but won`t be seen.


While I was at it the gun inlays? were give the same treatment.




And inner doors.




Oil cooler flap.




The Exhaust were given a coat of Alcad2 Exhaust Manifold.




Not much difference?


Swapped air brushes to 0.3 for some primer.






And other bits that needed it.




I also dry fitted the strengtheners? to the U/C bay.




That`s all for now but hope to get some more done soon.


Stay safe.



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2 hours ago, AliGauld said:

That's a fair bit of painting.

Looking nice and smooth.




I have a fair bit of hairy stick work left to do, the bits and pieces behind the pilot`s seat etc.


Thanks @Hamden.


Detailed painted the bit for the U/C bay.




I forgot that I had sprayed these parts earlier with Ali.




A bit of Yellow on a pressure bottle?




Port-side cockpit wall nearly done.




Ans the starboard side the same, nearly done.




Hopefully, I might get some more done tomorrow?


Stay safe.



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Cor! That was a catch up and a half. 🤩Same as a Giorgio for the sad face a few posts ago about your heart condition. It does sound like you’re on top of it. A little bit like your wonderful paintwork. That wheel well looks fantastic. Not to mention the rest. Bravo that man. 👏👏👏



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Thanks @giemme, @The Spadgent, @AliGauld, @Hamden and @elger.


Sorry for not posting recently on the build but "Mother Nature" crept in ending up with 4 days in the local hospital (my AF went berserk) .

Now back at home catching up on various threads while waiting for a date for a DCC (Bump Start)


Anyhow some P.E. done this evening.


Some handles bent while still attached to the frame ten glued together.






Another piece added to the left hand side of the centre console.




The handles? 




One fitted the other one I gave up on for now, and will make one tomorrow hopefully.




And a couple on the back box?




I will see what I can do  this weekend.


Stay safe.



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