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1/32 True Details GRU-7 (A-6E)


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It’s been quite some since I’ve been on the forum but I’m starting this new 1/32 A-6E project. I know that True Details is OOP but I’m hoping someone here may have insight where I may find a set of these or if there are other options. I have PE but I’d really like to stick to the resin seats or even possibly 3D printed seats(if available)…




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Not sure what's out there specifically for the Intruder, but you may have better luck if you broaden your search to include the GRU-7(A) seat as used in the F-14A/B.  The seats are generally very similar, the main visual difference being the Intruder's single-loop face curtain handle at the top/front of the headrest, vs. the Tomcat's double-loop handles.

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On 3/27/2022 at 4:23 AM, Ken Stenzenko said:

Actually the head box is wider on the A-6E and has reinforcement pieces on each side for ejecting through the canopy.

Yes I noticed that. Unfortunately I may just have to go with PE on the kit seats since the True Details seats are almost impossible to find at this point

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