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Severn Class Lifeboat virtual tour online


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Hi Folks,


Don't know if this has been mentioned before I came across a brilliant reference for anyone building the Airfix 1/72 kit or any other model of this subject.


You can find it online at: Panoptic Motion Severn Class Lifeboat virtual tour virtual tour


You can walk around (virtually) both above and below decks including the wheelhouse, engine room and survivor spaces plus on the flying bridge the Y boat is uncovered.


Far too much info to be incorporated into the Airfix kit I'm currently building but maybe next time...



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Great Virtual Tour Phil, thanks.

I don't know about other boats around the Isles, but our local (Buckie) boat is painted in Black Anti-Fouling paint below the waterline now (as opposed to the Red in the Airfix instructions).

Here's two rare shots from this week with her out of the water on the maintenance slipway.

Maybe could do with a clean here?

Cheers Bob.







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