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A6M2 Zero Model 21 Folding Wingtips PRINT (648731) 1:48

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A6M2 Zero Model 21 Folding Wingtips PRINT (648731)

1:48 Eduard




In case it has escaped your notice, Eduard have released a brand-new tooling of the Mitsubishi Zero in 1:48, and it’s a complete peach of a kit.  You can see our review here, and my (presently stalled) build here.  We’ve reviews a bunch of update sets already here, some of which I've used on my build, but now we have another from their new PRINT range, which is directly 3D printed and highly detailed. As usual with Eduard's smaller sets, they arrive in a flat resealable package, with a white backing card protecting the contents and the instructions that are sandwiched between.  The parts are further protected in a crystal-clear plastic box that should be capable of resisting all but the most punishing of impacts.




The set includes a pair of new 3D printed wingtips with moulded-in internal ribbing visible from the break-point, plus another pair of 3D printed rib-ends for the inner-wing that have a large tab to hold them in position.  You also have the choice of a simpler join that utilises the ribs from the supplied Photo-Etch (PE) sheet, which has a different cut-point, with both of them shown in scrap diagrams that have the sections to be removed marked in red so there's no confusion.  You reuse the clear wingtip lights from the kit of course, and there is a painting guide for the interior parts to ensure you get things right.  You can see very fine layer marks on the smooth sections of the wingtip skin, but in my experience those disappear after a layer or two of paint, with any stubborn marks responding to a light sanding by vanishing diligently.


Most impressive.  If this new range of PRINT sets keeps going in this manner, we should see a lot more of them, and they should sell like hot cakes.  Now I'm hungry.


Very highly recommended.




Review sample courtesy of




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