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1/72 Buccaneer S.2C Airfix

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Happy Saturday shipmates


This is my first attempt at doing a build process forum topic thread thingy, I'm usually just a lazy Instagram poster but i thought i might try to match the effort from you guys on here and actually somewhat document this build. Ive been wanting to do a Bucc for sometime and have had the Airfix 1/72 FAA kit sat in my stash for a year or so collecting dust and decided now was the time, given their upcoming 1/48 release. I purchased a fairly large amount of aftermarket sets as i've just done a couple airfix kits oob and felt they needed more..

In particular:

CMK resin cockpit set 

Quickboost - FOD covers, Remove before flight tags/covers and Antennas 

Eduard Brassin Wheels

Master Pitot tube and refuel probe

HGWModels remove before flight tags 


The plan - Imagine a RN Buccaneer as an airshow static display.. Thats it 

Sounds boring i know, but as its my first of this aircraft i wanted to preserve the excellent lines of the Buccaneer aswell as add covers and open the canopy etc, however you'd rarely if ever find one on a carrier with the wings spread but the intake covers on and canopy open (correct me if im wrong)

Im hoping to do the 1/48 kit as wings folded, bombs loaded, ready for the crew to walk, on a deck, but we will have to wait for that.


So on with photos 


I made a few additions to the CMK set in the form of wires, piping, the computer holder in the frame of the rear seat blast screen and then the pointy parts of the bang seats which for some reason cmk missed. The blast screen middle frame part was stolen from the kit as the cmk piece was just a square block.. anyway


51934051294_577eae8259_b.jpgIMG_1086 by tomradford15, on Flickr

51933726621_1911bd028f_b.jpgIMG_1093 by tomradford15, on Flickr

51933726841_21d577bc81.jpgIMG_1091 by tomradford15, on Flickr


On to painting, as the detail is so small and shallow i didnt prime it but instead went with light, well thinned coats of tamiya XF-24 Dark Grey as the base layer, then on top of that, XF-82 ocean grey as the main colour of the cockpit. This was still quite dark so I went over that with XF-82 + few drops of XF-2 white, but trying to apply it from a top down angle to put emphasis on the upward facing, and so highlighted areas.


51933726416_f8c3492a8b_b.jpgIMG_1099 2 by tomradford15, on Flickr

51932743692_04600db032_b.jpgIMG_1107 by tomradford15, on Flickr

51934341630_43b846450d_b.jpgIMG_1116 by tomradford15, on Flickr

51934341445_f869d2ed87_b.jpgIMG_1120 by tomradford15, on Flickr


You may be thinking but that still looks too dark, well you're right. Next im going to hand paint the raised details in the cockpit colour which will leave all the airbrushed paint as essentially shading.


To be continued..



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Great choice, can't beat a NAVY Bucc, I haven't seen the latest release and sadly, never got to work on them! I'm still plugging away at the earlier one! Once finished it will be in SAAF markings for an acquaintance.

Neat work on the office.



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Been a while.. went on holiday then got covid! back to the bench now and continuing on

the cockpit has been painted with all the details and will probably leave it at that, not sure it needs a wash, i painted the main gear bays and the exposed engine parts trying to follow reference photos. they show an orange, burnt tinge to part of it which i tried to replicate using rust tones and oils and then at the front part i used clean metal colours. i gave the bays a pin wash focusing on putting it around the raised parts and trying to show off the details.


51971356388_71595eeba0_b.jpgIMG_1137 by tomradford15, on Flickr

51970281992_c55c8f6f0f_b.jpgIMG_1138 by tomradford15, on Flickr

51971573769_1537b210d5_b.jpgIMG_1140 by tomradford15, on Flickr

51971283806_4397d0dc24_b.jpgIMG_1141 by tomradford15, on Flickr

51971573454_f26a598fc3_b.jpgIMG_1143 by tomradford15, on Flickr

51971355353_4be0e34335_b.jpgIMG_1145 by tomradford15, on Flickr

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