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Looking for a good quality compact camera with good zoom

One 48

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Its for my Rock show passion to be honest but will use it for my modelling stuff too.

Phone camera's are really good now but nowhere near as good as a dedicated decent compact camera for low light video recording zooming in to stage and still pictures too.

Whats happened is, my few years old compact Sony DSC-HX90V had a wee bit of fall at a recent rock show, and its pretty much dead and I need help to find a replacement please.

You simply cant take in good DSLR gear and lenses into Concert shows these days, but they do allow mobile phones and good quality Compact camera's.

So basically, looking for help with a good quality compact cam that can be used at rock shows with dynamic low lighting and good zoom too.

Any suggestions please?

This is my dead cam below, its this size i need again.


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Like so many things, it depends on your budget.


That said, I have a Canon PowerShot SX720 HS. It’s got, and I still don’t quite believe it, a 40x optical zoom mated with some impressive stabilisation systems. I don’t use it much in anger, but it’s a very useful bit of kit when I do.

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As for a phone camera, I've got this set of add-on lenses that sure help a lot.










My wife's new IPhone 12 has a fantastic camera that has a great low-light/nighttime setting.





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Thanks Dogsbody, its more Zoom than Macro I need though and I think that's largely camera sensor dependant though?

I'm no expert, really looking for advice on Compact Camera's that can do low light and smooth zoom really well, already have a good Phone, Samsung S20+ 5G and possible trade in for the new S22 Ultra soon ,,, Maybe

Getting rid of my DSLR Gear for a compact cam though and want to buy a good one again, last one served me well and showed me I dont need DSLR's for what i do :)

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Just thought I'd chime in with what I've bought to replace my broken Sony concert cam ... I called it :)

Its a new Canon Power Shot G7X Mark II and I know there is a Mark III now, but both were expensive and for a week or so juggled my expenditure.

Compared for weeks but nobody does seem to do cam reviews that are allowed into UK Concert halls.

So I've settled with the Canon, got a big live Rock show in Glasgow on Wednesday to see Ghost, love this band, gave it a test at home, its easier to use in dark than the Sony to find the important buttons, the screen is more articulate too, no viewfinder, but never used mine on the Sony.

One thing the Sony had was good Concert cam audio and sound when played back at home, way better than even my Samsung G20 + and its not bad compared to my older phones.

Hope this Canon purchase fulfils my years Concert recordings, honestly got a lot of shows going on this year.

My Sony Camera, dropped it like 10 feet at least from a small balcony area, it was rescued but is immobile with lens stuck out, even changing battery's, its severely broke and written off and my fault.

I'm taking that on the chin :)






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In a concert situation, would a Go Pro camera (or similar) make more sense? The pictures are usually pretty sharp, but the very high-level audio-recording could be an issue, I would take a guess. Do all small cameras rely on Auto Gain Controls for loud audio?  





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