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Back after ten years! Daddy (Chris), Chloe (4, Belzebub the destroyer) & Olaf (2, Morbidly Obese Chonker Cat)


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Hi Everyone!


Modelling kept me sane as a kid, again ten years ago when my (ex) wife 🤣 was pregnant and here I am again! I went from useless to terrible quite quickly last time so hopefully I can improve fast again this time. I'm in the UK and just back from Dubai so in temporary housing with a very modest model making gear. Oh, how I yearn for a shed 😆 Here is the new setup:



I've retained my maturity whilst aging and have christened it the Always Nomadic Utility Station. So far its working quite well but am missing lots of fun tools.... Here is the team:



Chloe likes to destroy. So far anything I build in Lego, my elaborate IPTV setup :banghead: and the Nintendo Switch. Olaf we just shipped back to the UK from Dubai - he's 7.7kg and still gaining. As you can see from his facial expression he's still quite traumatised by leaving the 40'C desert to enter 6'C Camberley. His core contribution will be to bite me when I'm least expecting it. 


I'm going to be building a few cheap 1/72 planes until I get my confidence back and will post them in WIP. Tamiya acyclics hand painted until I can justify another airbrush. Wish me luck. Great to see this community is still here being awesome.


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Welcome back! Looking forward to seeing team flibble's WIP. You're braver than I, letting your 4 year old discover that you make things-wot-can-be-destroyed! Good luck with your Tamiyas, they don't brush that well without some retarder, but getting the tamiya acrylic stuff has become rather difficult. I'm experimenting with VMS and will let you know how it goes. But yeah, if you are planning on going full on Tamiya-with-brushes, I think some kind of acrylic retarder will be a sensible acquisition.

On 07/03/2022 at 08:04, flibble said:

with a very modest model making gear. Oh, how I yearn for a shed 😆 Here is the new setup:




Ahh yes that has a very familiar 'me one month ago' feel to it. I hope you're better at keeping it under control than I am!


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