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Fokker Triplane build


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7 hours ago, Corsairfoxfouruncle said:

Have you decided on markings of any kind ? 

I have one in mind but I'm keeping it under my hat for the moment.....but it won't be all red.


Cutting the wing spar flanges.







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9 hours ago, Malc2 said:

You going to use rotary or radial engine?

A rotary needs castor oil to run - not available at your average airfield, can't be started without help & has to be completely stripped down every 25 to 30 hours.  So definitely no rotary for me.

One could be swapped in at some future time without too much trouble however, should a purist ever take ownership.

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Beautiful work so far 👏


I had a friend who finished building a F.R.E.D that he acquired part way through construction and it was fascinating to drop in and see what he was up to periodically.

All the testing that was needed as he went along was a surprise to me at the time. (Extra glue batches needed every time he mixed some up; cables needed to be sent off to be load tested etc. Wood from documented sources)


Keep it up 



ps Always fancied a Pietenpol myself . . . .

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