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1/72nd RAF Armstrong Whitworth Argosy C.1. Mach2 kit. Finished

Mr T

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That looks, well, I hesitate to say 'beautiful, as it is an Argosy, but it looks very nice indeed! I'm tempted to buy one of these and do it in the desert camo.





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Thanks, the Argosy is probably best described as 'rugged'. I was torn between which colour scheme to use, but given that realistically I will only build one Argosy I went for the early scheme. I have a RugRat Andover that is going to be in the Light Stone/Dark Earth scheme. I think the days of imagining building multiples of big kits are virtually over for me, if I want to get done a lot of kits I still want to build. 

My rule for Group Builds is to only build stuff from the stash or something I would have bought anyway. 

It's not a bad kit, provided you don't mind cleaning parts up and are patient. 

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Just found this WIP MrT so apologies for my tardiness...😃. Great to see some fine work here on what are known to be labour intensive kits, a great pity really as their subject matter is bang on the money. I have the 1/72 Airways Argosy and it looks like it has been run over by a tractor, the material is that thin it is almost like a negligee..:gobsmacked: as pointed out by Frank on another build so I am torn between 3 choices, Mach2, AWV or Magna, talk about a poor choice but I am uplifted by your comments above.



On 6/29/2022 at 7:16 AM, Mr T said:

RugRat Andover

Oh my envious heart beateth..😉 that is my holy grail of kits to find, I have a couple of 'Hen's Teeth' but no Andover...🤪 so I will look forward to you hopefully doing a WIP on this kit.


Onwards and upwards MrT, lovely work.👍

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Thanks for the very kind comments. Possibly the big advantage of the Mach2 kit is that it is injection moulded with a good thickness of plastic. The plastic itself is fairly hard, if a little brittle. The Argosy is not light, especially once the nose weights are in. 

So far it has given me a lot of pleasure, if tempered with a bit of frustration. 

The RugRat Andover looks a challenge as in mine there is a huge mismatch between the rear fuselage halves that will require the use of a saw to fix. The wheels may also be a bit too large, but not sure about that. 

Never thought I would see Argosy and negligee in the same sentence. I am now seriously distracted 😜👗🛩️

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All being well, this is the last entry in the build thread. The Argosy is standing on its own two (or should that be three?) own feet and has had a coat of mixed satin and matt varnish, so once the masking has been removed and any touching up done, I am going to call it finished.  Picture taken before it was varnished.


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  • Mr T changed the title to 1/72nd RAF Armstrong Whitworth Argosy C.1. Mach2 kit. Finished

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