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F-14A IRIAF 1/48 Hasegawa

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Hello folks,

This is the now old Hasegawa F-14, the fitting was terrible, putty was extensively used.  The Iran Air Force  still fly the tomcat but nowadays it looks more like a flying museum rather that a lethal weapon.

Anytime Baby!















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Like SAT69 posted, I too, did not realize that the Hasegawa Tomcat was such a pain to build. Whatever problems there were, you corrected them with flawless precision.  :goodjob:



PS : Good point how the once mighty Tomcat has transitioned to “museum” status from one of lethal killer.  

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Thank you for you kind comments,

23 hours ago, Electric Indigo said:

Do you have a trick to fit the canopy? It's about 1 mm too wide on my kit, and there's very little surface for the glue to catch on.

I got the same issue, no miracle, I sanded the canopy frame carefully but the the result is not perfect.

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Great Tomcat!

Such a shame that hardly any keep flying, and that seeing one is close to zero probability.. :(

Wonder why Iran did not manage to produce external fueltanks... or why they did not feel the need for any!


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20 hours ago, Barzin said:

Really nice results @Pelican, Congrats.
Do you remember which colors did you use?

I am afraid not 🙂

I mixed few paints and did many tries on an old model untill I got the correct contrast between the 2 colours

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