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Avro Vulcan B.2, Airfix 'new tooling' 1/72nd...

John Masters

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I've been away from the bench for too long, too long...I have work to do my friends!  I will try to wrap up this Vulcan before the 1st.  If I can get this beast off th bench...phew!


Undercarriage ready for final assembly.  Some touch up here and there maybe.




The camo was making me nervous.  I must say I am impressed with the Tamiya NATO Green thinned out with Tamiya thinner.  No clogging, no spitting...nothing.  And it dried very fast too.  First I drew the camo areas with a pencil.  I followed the profile as well as I could.




Then the green.  After that I mixed up some more Medium Dark Sea Grey and did some touch ups.  There is a teensy bit of overspray on the underside and I haven't taken the masks off yet, but I think it looks alright.  I'll go back and sprite it here and there...Next round will be the black/white nose.  











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On 5/30/2022 at 12:55 PM, Adam Poultney said:

Paintwork looks good,  nicely and correctly freehanded to get that soft edge. 

Thanks Adam.


Now that I'm back I think I will try my best to wrap this up by the 26th.  I don't have much to do, really.

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Not much to do on this one so I'll make a big go of it and finish it this weekend.  I have to add the black on the nose; attach the landing gear; some painting touch-ups; decals...I think that's it.  I

l'll make it 'museum ready'. i.e. clean with no wear and tear, like a museum display.   I just want to get it done and off the bench and out of my mind.


Nose masked and ready...




This tape has been on for weeks.  Let's remove it.




Looking alright.  The masks on the clear bits will come off last.




Landing gear, bay doors, etc...not a problem.




Sitting pretty.




And from the other side with some atmospheric lighting...




Decals and done!



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Decals are on...Nice decals, btw...thin.  Not your usual Airfix skin...Not a very good diagram for the stencils.  I'm glad I have new reading glasses.  I had to match up the shape of the stencils on the drawing (very very very small) to the decal sheet.  I think I got them all.  Lots of little 'hoist' decals (they look like '2').  At least I think they are hoist markings.  














Light blue decals on wet light blue paper...












I'll let the all dry then give it some matte spray, remove the masks...then tomorrow I'll photograph it and add it to the gallery.  Phew!



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Man...I was doing do well.  Late last night I took up my can of AK Clear Matte and went outside to give it a good spray.  After shaking the can for quite a while (as instructed) I gave it a good light cloud of spray over the topside.  To my utter horror I realized I had used the wrong can of paint.  White.  Since expletives are not allowed here I will allow you all to say your own versions of what I said. 😱 🤬  😭 I tried to remove the paint.  I used Tamiya thinner...other thinners.  I even used White Spirit (which almost seems to work).  


I'm afraid this is a goner folks.  Dammit.  I was so close.




I have not had good luck this summer with my builds.  😭

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That is a bummer! But I don't think it looks too bad. Looks like it's been sitting out in the sun or something. 


If I were you I'd just try weather it even further.


"We don't make mistakes, just happy little accidents"

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26 minutes ago, arfa1983 said:

If I were you I'd just try weather it even further.


That's an option.  Thank you for the boost of confidence.  


48 minutes ago, Planebuilder62 said:

Bad luck John

Gremlins switched the paint cans.


Maybe if I dirty it up a bit on the underside...don't use the nuke...make it the display aircraft in Newark before they tidied it up and put it in the museum...That's my rationale.  I have until July 10th.  I am also off-island for work this week until Thursday morning.  I would like to wrap up the Argentinian Mirage today and make more headway on the V22-Osprey.  Happy work to do.  And watch out for Gremlins. 😉


Thank you @arfa1983 for showing me a new route out of this mess.  

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I've consulted with the Powers That Be (LHS fellows in Athens) and they say I cannot remove the lacquer spray without further damage to the existing paint. 


This is my solution:  I will mask the existing decals (which for some reason cleaned up alright) with matte spray.  Then I will carefully re-airbrush the grey and green areas the best I can.  I think I can do this.  Once that is finished, I will spray matte again to even out the surface.  


So not all is lost.  I'll get on it when I return to the island on Thursday, get this in the gallery and move along.

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Just a review what the Vulcan looked like after the mis-spray...




And after the re-paint.  I still have to go around with some white and touch up the decals here and there, but I am very pleased.  Oh, btw...Gremlins tried to get in again but I kept them at bay.  Clever little demons...




The nose landing gear came loose so I have to fix that.  Otherwise, she's done and will be in the gallery bu this afternoon. I hope!

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Good save John.


I did the same thing a few years back with a can of silver spray instead of grey, but fortunately I was only doing primer at the time so got away with it.



Edited by PeterB
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On 7/2/2022 at 12:22 AM, PeterB said:

Good save John.


I did the same thing a few years back with a can of silver spray instead of grey, but fortunately I was only doing primer at the time so got away with it.


Yes, well, that would have been better. As it is, I am not ashamed of how it turned out.  It was lucky that the AK primer didn't spray so heavily.  I lost a few decals along the way in the repair but I feel it is alright for this bunch.  Not museum quality, mind you, but that is not my goal.  It's just a hobby! 😄  




More in the gallery!


Thanks to the Mods for this GB.  I really have been struggling--work and family responsibilities have sapped much of my creative energy, but that's ok.  It's good to have both and be a responsible person.  This build was plagued by gremlins from the start...





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