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Advice for a Newbie ! Want a low cost, easy to build RC Model. !


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Hey guys I'm intending on building a RC Model Aircraft. I'm a total novice having never made one before so please bear that in mind. I'm looking for advice on what set of plans to build and also on RC components, availability and prices. I'm hoping to spend in total £20 - £50 maximum for the model and RC components so simple and cheap. Or am i being unrealistic ?

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First up, stick to something under 250 grams flying weight. No licence  or other interference needed. There are models from a website, FliteTest. They do plans, the models are mostly foam sheet construction. There is a good forum attached. Have a read

Another possibility is the RCM@ E forum. They have a long-standing thread on converting the Lidl foam chuck gliders into radio controlled slope soared, powered gliders, to things that look like a Warthog. The basic airframe is about £8. You can, buying a second hand transmitter, micro receivers, micro servos, LiPo battery charger from the the Far East, you might achieve the £50 barrier. But it’s a steep learning curve, and on a tight budget, a potential minefield for fakes.

I do radio control, but my stuff is bigger, and I’m not an expert at that end of the game.
Just one word of caution. Building a radio controlled plane from scratch, sorting out the radio, and the trimming of the airframe, and snagging to get success is not an idle wish.

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