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PZL P.11c 1/72

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Goodmorning to All


In moments of tired modeling I always take two / three days a week to dedicate myself to some kit that relaxes me more than usual; in this case I dedicated myself to this PZL P.11c from Arma Hobby in 1/72 scale. The kit is detailed and it was really a pleasure to assemble it, the only problem was making the antenna cables rather complex ...












The next subject? A D.H.100 Mk.3 in Mexican color and shark mouth


Ettore :bye:


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Good work, but please remove the antenna masts from fuselage, in fact it was a small pin from ca.5cm length!








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32 minutes ago, Bertie Psmith said:

You work well when relaxed. It's a gem.


And this model is really pure relaxing kit and very nicely detailed as well. Highly recommend to all.


Very nice and crisp result Ettore, really pleasure for my eyes to see your fine built model, gratulations.



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Thanks to All

Jerzy Ciupek thanks for info, I'll modify it as soon as possible



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