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30-40 years ago, I didn't prime and painted with enamels. I didn't varnish either. Flaking was always a problem back then. It's always been in the back of my mind to go over the old figures, a few I've done, there are still many to do.

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I have selected a batch of 20 figures to represent the 69th New York State Militia
Vallejo Model Color 70930 53 Dark Blue = trousers
Vallejo Model Color 70891 74 Intermediate Green = field of flag
Vallejo Model Color 70899 50 Dark Prussia Blue = bummer cap, coat
Vallejo Model Color 70817 26 Scarlet = Officer’s waist sash, rings on drum
Vallejo Model Color 70950 169 Black = leather belts

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Vallejo Model Color 70927 19 Dark Flesh = drum skin
Vallejo Model Color 70878 173 Old Gold = Officer’s lace, edge to flag
Humbrol Acrylic 11 Metallic Silver Fox = sword
Vallejo Model Color 70987 111 Medium Grey = haversack, blanket roll
Vallejo Model Color 70818 136 Red Leather = pouch
Vallejo Panzer Aces 310 Old Wood = canteen, drumsticks, flag staff
Vallejo Model Color 70997 171 Silver = canteen
Vallejo Model Color 70841 65 Andrea Blue = drum, piping to collar, shoulder straps
Humbrol Acrylic 24 Matt Trainer Yellow = stripe on officer’s trousers
Humbrol Acrylic 118 Matt US Tan = musket stock

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A rash of completions :tooth:
This batch of 20 x Esci 222 as 69th New York State Militia


Well two :wicked: a small farm diorama


I did find this old Italeri set 6065, British & Prussian Command
I shall put them in the pile for restoration.

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I have been remiss, since my last post I have painted a single Esci 222 figure.
I swapped his head that wore the Hardee hat for one wearing the Bummer cap. He is painted as a Lieutenant of the 5th New York Regiment in 1862. Zouave Officers' uniforms were somewhat plainer than those of their men (I have some Italeri Zouaves he will be joining), so, proportionally I did not want lots of Officers and just painted the one.

And these:

Private, 39th New York Regiment, 1861

Musician, 9th Regiment, Veteran Reserve Corps, 1865

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