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I painted these Esci 222 Union Infantry maybe 30 years ago in enamels and they're in need of a repaint. At that time I didn't record the colours used so I couldn't just touch in the playworn areas even if I wanted. 

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13 hours ago, ERK said:

You ever been into the ECW  figure making?



I've done a few in 54mm (the Airfix ones).


The Esci Confederates are complete.


My next set of figures are these Airfix S22, badly panted by their previous owner.

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Painting has been completed and they were washed with Dipping Formula. I airbrushed them with matt varnish mixed with a drop of Klear. They were then mounted on 30 thou plastic card bases using G-S Cement.


I have mixed them up with some previously finished Airfix Union Cavalry figures.
The bases will be painted and scattered.

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