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Little figures


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I have started another background project, the Bedouin Arabs - a set I've not had before.


I washed them, drilled them and mounted them on cocktail sticks.


Primed white


The horses and camels were airbrushed with three shades each


Looking at pictures of Bedouins on line, they dress in a variety of colours even if their clothing was of a similar cut. 


I've been going through my paint pallet, no two figures will be the same.


Just basic block colours so far.


The painting of decorative patterns in this scale should prove testing.

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Thanks Tony, the detail is a bit vague on these, the rifles are little more than blobs and their equipment isn't too clever either, but they make an entertaining set, a bit different to my usual Napoleonic fare.

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The next batch of figures are Cowboys and Indians.
Almost three complete sets there
The earlier set of Indians (the dark brown ones) have four men and two horses missing

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I've spent the last couple of days working on these 5th Line Battalion, King’s German Legion.
Uniform and Equipment of the Legion's Line battalions was of standard British pattern of the time. In accord it was repeatedly revised during the years from 1803 until 1815. In general, it comprised:
red uniform with dark blue cuffs and collar, laced with regimental lace
grey legwear
white leather equipment
Brown Bess musket
later Belgic shako
The principal distinction from British units was that the standard pack was painted dark blue rather than black. The 5th's light Company was partially armed with Baker rifles and was separated from the battalion at Waterloo in the midst of the battle to assist in the defence of La Haye Sainte.

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For my next set of figures I have chosen the HaT Jungle Adventure set. 
This is the old Airfix 01733 Tarzan Figures set and is another of the many film and TV related products that Airfix made. 

I have started by priming with Vallejo Acrylic 74602 Gloss Black Polyurethane Surface Primer


I then airbrushed the base colours
Vallejo Model Air 71001 White = zebra
Vallejo Model Air 71049 Medium Sea Grey = elephant
Vallejo Model Air 71016 US Dark Green = crocodile
Vallejo Model Air 71044 Light Grey Green = crocodile belly
Vallejo Model Air 71028 Sand Yellow = lions, cheetah
Vallejo Model Air 71040 Burnt Umber = chimpanzee, log canoe
Vallejo Model Air 71076 Skin Tone = Europeans
Vallejo Model Air 71055 Black Grey = chimpanzee, elephant

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The Astronauts are now completed with various finishes; first eau naturel


A black wash


Games Workshop Flesh Wash


Vallejo Sepia Dipping Wash


The last four figures are SR.71 Blackbird pilots


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PSR are less than complimentary in the review of the Grenadiers. Much of the detail is soft and none of the sculpts are consistently equipped. I thought I had a complete set but comparing with PSR notes I am missing one reloader, one kneeling firer, one marching man, one mounted officer and one horse. I total, five figures. Also, two of the standing men who are firing have been distorted and will not keep upright on their stands. The nearest I could find in my references is a Grenadier Sergeant of the 95th Regiment in 1781 (disbanded 1783). There is also a drawing of a Grenadier of the 58th Regiment 1768 which is close to these figures. I primed them grey.


Skin tones ad the horse were airbrushed, then the old hairy stick was got out.

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It would seem that Washington's Army uniforms were anything but uniform early in the war for independence, being a mix of red (ex-British), blue (ex-French) some green and more browns. British cloth faded to russet tones, and emigrant farmers also wore brown coats.


Breeches and small clothes were either white or buff.


Facings might be white, yellow, red or buff.

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