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Airfix in Tins

224 Peter

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I discovered a new form of Airfix packaging, steel tins... 

This arrived as a present, with an Airfix 1/72 scale Spitfire in it. 




And the reverse....



I was very excited and wondered if this style of packaging would continue... until I read the text in the red edged box. It seems that the original content were ginger biscuits and that SWMBO

had removed the biccies and substituted the kit. 

I'm surprised that these tins haven't been more widely reported, they are really good! 

A look at the Tin makers catalogue shows that Airfix has licensed a number of kit box designs, but I can't find out if they are easily available!! 


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A variety of tins listed at the Airfix website




Scalemates also show an initial release date of 2020 so that explains the out of stock situation.  If they all contained food stuffs not sure how tastey they would be now...

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Cool...  I had a "Keep Calm and Build Airfix" sign hanging in my shop.  Looking forward to having one again to get back to building.  I hope some of these make it across the pond.  Cheers!!!

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I have a spare tin too...  You would see them in the various catalogues that are fairly freely distributed whenever you order anything from pretty well everyone.  As for freshness of contents now, I suspect not, but that assumes they were not repeated last Xmas.  However, if Airfix still have them, I would expect fresh contents (or at least within their sell-by date.

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Limited Edition Collectors Tin
1/72 scale.
A ‘silver’ embossed tin contains:

Supermarine S6b (1391)
Vickers-Supermarine Spitfire Mk. 1a (01065-0)

Also a printed Limited Edition certificate, individually numbered (2,000 sets), it is rumoured that this was to be a special Classic Modellers Club offer before Airfix went into administration in August 2006. It was issued by the private company ATP Promotions.

Type 15D. Type 10 yellow outlined logo. Airfix Club Kit Specials and Limited Editions. From 2006 to 2009.



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