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Revell's new tool 1:32 Fw 190F-8

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Hello guys, my most recent project was this 32nd scale Fw 190F-8 from Revell. 

The kit was really nice to build, but I messed up the engine fit, which refused to fit between the two teardrop panels in the nose. I ended up removing the engine mounts and glued the engine to the cowling, which was then mounted to the fuselage.


The aircraft chosen was Black 2 from Schlachtgeschwader 10, found in Czechoslovakia in May 1945.


The sharkmouth on the main bomb was shown only in the White 70/Black 6 option, but I liked it so much that I decided to add it to Black 2.





















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4 hours ago, SAT69 said:

Certainly looks good to me. Was gluing the engine to the cowling difficult?

At first it was because the guide ring wasn't located properly. It took me a bit of brain power to figure that out. I then corrected it and was able to place the engine nicely.

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