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Tim's Etendard - COMPLETED

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And afternoon's modelling - this is what it's all about.

Etendard cockpit photos that I've found, just show a black hole - easy.

I didn't stop for photo's until this point.  Very hard plastic, precisely formed.  Raised panel detail.

The fit of parts is just superb, highly reminiscent of Hasegawa.


No mention of nose ballast, so I fitted some anyway.

Parts for the splitter plates are reversed from what the instructions show,  But I'm loving this! 


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Cockpit view, I've added a pilot from my spares.


Canopy fitted and masked.


My masking of the underside.  My paint conversions, the light grey is far too light.

Then  a stbd view of the camo pattern,  gleaned from the internet.


Topside airbrushed H125, freehand.


And unmasked.


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I've retrieved my Heller Etendard, to refurbish with leftover decals.

Before that some comparison photos.

First, where are the cannons.  Clearly present on Heller.


A bit more subtle, but slightly less beefy intakes.  Slightly too much spine when compared to photos.

Another score for Heller.


Heller shows a fuselage join for engine removal.  Another detail lacking on Italeri.


These, and their alter-egos are the only 2 Super Etendards in 1/72, and it is my sad duty to say that Heller has topped Italeri.

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This kit was first released in 1983 by Sunny Tri-S (yup, never heard of them either), then re boxed in turn by Academy, Minicraft, then Italeri - which is where I got my first two of these from:



The last time I build this, I struggled with the outer main U/C door sections, and ended up having to move the flap hinge housings (or whatever they are) slightly outboard. I also had second thoughts about the undercarriage struts and door colours, switching from white (Italeri) to metallic, based on photographic research, and on looking at other instructions.

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