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Soviet WW2 Tankdestroyer SU-85 Zvezda 1:35

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Built the same kit this time last year - I really enjoyed it. How Zvezda can produce good quality kits for such a low price is astonishing. Nice clean build, keep 'em coming. 






Best from NZ.



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HI Don Donato,

It is a good base to continue experimenting with weathering processes, and a model with which very good effects can be achieved, as seen in the photo of the companion above.
IMHO, I think that specific washes, to get the details, and a filter, (I don't know if you have done it in your model, because you only comment on pigments), would be a good addition to the final look.
I insert a photo of my SU-100 published in the forum, with all those processes included...and some more...lol.
Cheers and TC


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