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Austrian "Spider" - Hansa Brandenburg D.1. in 1/72nd scale

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This is the old Toko Kit.     Had a devil of a time with the intricate struts!  Taking a bit of Artistic License, I added the Austrian Tricolor wingtips altho this seems to have only been used on Austro-Hungarian Naval Aircraft - however, I supposed it could have been used on Army aircraft.  Such an Ugly Little Thing that it is almost pretty.....


The Germans refused to share their Synchro secret with the Austrians, who were thus early forced to put the Schwarzlose MG in the "Box" atop the wing...needless to say, no changing belts in flight!


















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On 2/17/2022 at 9:38 PM, Spitfire31 said:

As per the above post, no pics visible. When clicking a link, it just shows a broken icon. Speedy repairs seem to be called for. 😉


Kind regards,




Click the icon and find the picture.


Very nice work. I like the figures, they add a lot.

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Don't understand why the photos - which I can see....apparently others cannot....here is another from the village.photos site (which is what I use) - can THIS be Seen?




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Right click and open image in a new window works for me.

I like what a saw. Interesting with the gun pod above the wing. I have always thought it was an fuel tank.

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