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Stressed Czech MiG! Wings of wood & bricks for undercarriage!


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Here's me with my funny MiG-21UM.

I say funny as it has quite comical artwork, reminds me of the artwork by the Eduard Bunny cartoonist whoever that is.

I've had this in the stash for a year now & purchased the Kopro decals to go with it, great that this MiG-21 GB has come along.

On first look, the details look nice & fine, loads of fine rivets. I think I'll be building this completely out of the box & I'm happy with decals for the seat harnesses. We'll see how it goes.

Wings of wood, bricks for undercarriage & taped together!

Here's some pics...







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22 hours ago, franky boy said:

Nice choice of markings there. I hope you’ve got plenty of decal setting solution😀



😆I was thinking the same thing. I've got plenty but wether it's strong enough...

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22 hours ago, modelling minion said:

Welcome to the GB, and nice to see another UM too.

Its an interesting choice of markings, I think I saw this one in the UK at RIAT many years ago and its also an option from the box of the Trumpeter 1/48 UM kit.

Thank you Minion! 👍 Seen quite a few pics of it at RIAT online for reference. Just purchased some blue acrylic for it &  hope I've got the right shade. 

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22 hours ago, Corsairfoxfouruncle said:

Welcome now this one will stand out for sure. The plane looks as if it were painted to look like a mock-up or statue. Such a detailed scheme for older bird but worth the effort. 

Thanks mate, I am partial to my unusual schemes. 😊

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  • 2 weeks later...

Small amount of progress today after completing another build.

Made up the cockpit parts, which have a roughly engineered feel to them especially where the parts meet other parts. Definitely not Eduard standard of fine tolerances but it holds together OK. The cockpit tubs just line up with a scored line on the fuselage side. The sills don't meet the opposite side, but I will let that go. I would normally add a shim of plastic to widen the cockpit but this will suffice.

Used Vallejo Model Color 70.808 mixed with a little white to tone it down. Way too bright from the bottle.

This should get me started & I will just dry brush the fuselage side consoles which have been nicely moulded into the fuselage. I'll also use the kit decals provided for the control panels.

A small piece of plastic was needed to keep the jet pipe central within the rear fuselage.




Still looks rather bright, but this will get toned down further with some dry brushing.





That's it so far...

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20 hours ago, arfa1983 said:

Good start!


13 hours ago, modelling minion said:

Off to a very nice start.

The surface detailing on the kit looks very nice.



Thanks chaps, yes there's plenty of rivet's & detailing. Some if not all the parts need seam lines cleaning up to get things to align properly.


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Excellent start. It’s good to see a different kit being done.


Cheers Allan 

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Moving forward with this today,

Decided not to use the decals & just drybrush the plastic cockpit details.


Then decided to work on the wings while I was waiting for the gloss coat on the cockpit to dry.

There's quite a gap on the wings, where they contact - but join to the fuselage. Just a slight sanding to the end of the flap where it touches the fuselage - did the trick.


Instructions say cut some lengths of plasticard for the wing strakes.


Covers for the undercarriage had to be added, as it's a solid wing as opposed to the Eduard 1/72 kit wings which have these as part of the underside wing.


Picked some details out with the tip of a sharpened cocktail stick, then given it a dark grey wash.


Added about 15g of lead weight & some blutac to hold it in place.


These are the rather basic two part ejection seats in the kit. Decided to give these a miss so I ordered some. Only it's possible I've gone & ordered the wrong type but never mind.


Ordered these which look like a later version, but hey ho!


Ended up having to sharpen the radar cone as it looked a little too blunt & finally got the fuselage joined up. There's quite afew discrepencies where the sides meet up, so I needed some filler & melted plastic filler. Needs a good sanding & clean up & no doub't re-instating the rivets & panel lines.


That's all for now.

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4 hours ago, modelling minion said:

Once you have cleaned up the fuselage joint you won't be far away from painting her.👍

Very nice job on the cockpit painting, really good.



Oh yes! Just sorted out the paints, so now got to find the time. 

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This WiP is very well done.  You're addressing all the pitfalls and positives clearly and it will certainly help me with my next KpPro Mig kit.  It's a bonus that you're also doing a splendid job!  This will be a very interesting looking Mig.

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The parts breakdown of this kit looks a lot like the RV one that I gave up on, only without the resin parts that caused me all the trouble.  It had identical wing to fuselage fit to your kit as well.



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Received the Pavla SK-1 seats in the post today. Nice quick delivery from Heepdrutt.


Had to move the control columns forward to allow the seats to fit properly, so I drilled, pinned & reinserted them with some steel wire.



Just a little sanding, then out with the RB riveter.


I was going to leave this molded in airbrake in place, but seen so many pics of it dropped in static.

There's a reasonable molded airbrake on the sprue, so I'll have to do some cutting.




That's it for today.

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1 hour ago, modelling minion said:

Looking very nice indeed.

You're a brave man to be removing the molded in airbrake.



Cheers buddy, I don't know about brave. Mad comes to mind! Shortly after starting to drill it out I came across photos of what's above the airbrake. It's a recess, so I haven't completely removed it. I'll upload a pic later on.

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Here's my version of what Eduard did.


Glad I didn't cut out the airbrake area completely. Just carved out the recess with a precision chisel, then added some styrene rod.

Looks similar in fashion but not as spectacular as Eduards fine detailing.

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