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Airfix Chipmunk wing issue

Ray S

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Hello all. I am not quite sure if I have a problem with this kit.


I am just starting the Airfix 1/48 Chipmunk T.10, and the first thing I looked at was trying to avoid the known wing droop issue. I cut the wings out and taped them together straight from the box:




Although the wing has sat at an angle, there is clearly a droop on both sides (I think!) Then I removed the outboard location pins from the port wing leading edge on the right of this picture) and got this when I taped them back together again:




It straightened up quite a bit (I think!). However, it still looks like there is a downward droop but looks better than the starboard (un-modified) wing. Then I had a look at the wing upper halves, and found a downward kink which when I taped the two uppers together inner to inner, produced this:




To my eyes, and the way my mind is working at the moment, that would lead me to think that these could also be causing some of the droop - the kink starts about 1/3rd from the left, near a slightly darker patch on the trailing edge. The trailing edges are not very good at meeting each other on this particular kit either.


Has anyone else had this issue? I have not seen it mentioned elsewhere.


I will end up building it anyway, the rest of the kit looks fine, I am just wondering if there has been some warping on my kit rather than just the pin issue causing the droop problem.


Cheers from one confused Ray

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Recommend you remove the pins as you have then, one wing at a time, glue upper and lower. Then, immediately, trap the wing between a very flat surface and a very heavy book. After the first is cured, repeat again with the other wing. This approach has worked for me in the past.m


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