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2 Jaguar D Types for your inspection

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I hope you like these two D Types,they are both Provence Moulage resin kits( long out of production! )in 1/24 scale and 1/43. It’s the same racecar obviously- a support race to the British GP which was at Aintree in 1955. Oh,the driver was Mike Hawthorn with his 4 spoke steering wheel.

The 1/24 car is a bit of a conversion,as the blue Ecurie Ecosse car pictured is the real kit,yes another one! Had to fill in the passenger area with a scratch built panel,fill in the rear air scoops and sand away the double windscreen area to fit the single type windscreen.
On the blue Ecosse car shown here the paint job looks fine but it has flaws in it,the paint seemed to just run away from certain areas! I carried on regardless as I thought no one really looks at my models,not even my wife! Anyway I decalled it and then decided that I will strip the paint and start all over again. Anyway you’re meant to look at the green cars…..Have a good weekend everyone,Chris.


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