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Missing decals on 1/72 Amodel DH Dove


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I have emailed Hannants on an order I received, but found that the kit was not supplied with decals, has anyone else had difficulty in contacting Hannants, as they do not take phone call enquiries, and how long do they take to respond to emails as this was about 4 days ago when I emailed them about the issue.

I presume they are rather busy

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although I periodically post on here I cannot help as I am only hired/work freelance for Hannants and have no say on their working policies.


Just a heads up and I hope you get your situation resolved soon.



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Hi Jon


Thanks, I still have had nothing back from Hannants, it would be good if they had a better customer service, as I have been using Hannants many times and spent quite a bit of money on past purchases, although it might just be a decal missing, it still would be nice for some feed back, but I will wait and see



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