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New Updates and News from Atlantic Models

Peter Hall

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Hello Again Folks. 

It's been a while since I last updated this forum page, but I haven't been idle during the time I have been quiet.  Whilst avoiding the Covid anomaly I used the time to get down to producing more kit patterns and have been the most productive in the past year that I have been so far.  2021 saw the release of no less than four new kits. It would have been five but for delays in getting the photo etch produced. Again Covid caused. 

First off the line was ATK 35018 HMS Brave . This is the fourth and last kit in the Type 22 Frigate family in 1/350 scale and became available early on in the year.  

Then a new family of 1/350 scale Frigates, the Type 12s, which began with ATK 35022 HMS Torquay going back into the 1950s era of ships, followed quickly by ATK 35023 HMS Rothesay a Type 12M variant.   Later in the year, these were followed by the Modernised version of the Type 12M in ATK 35024 HMS Yarmouth that completed the trio. These three ship kits also can be used to build not only all of the RN ships of the classes, but also most of the Commonwealth Navies ships of the class too, as provision has been made by including extra parts and decals for all.

The latest kit release, however has been an addition to the White Ensign Range of WW2 vessels.  I had only been doing some upgrades to the existing kits in the range up until now, but this one is all new and looks to be popular.  ATK 35071 HMS Badsworth is a Type 2 Hunt Class Escort Destroyer.  It is the first of two or three ships of the class, depending on demand, but will be followed this year by the Type 1 Hunt HMS Tynedale. Both again in 1/350 scale. HMS Badsworth is now available

Other additions to the Atlantic Models products include the Type 23 Frigate Sea Ceptor Upgrade set in 1/350. This is designed to fit the Trumpeter Type 23 Frigate kits and includes the Sea Ceptor silo, Artisan Radar and a Wildcat Helicopter to name but a few items.  This is available as ATAC 35022

Photo etched detail sets have been added to with ATEM 60016 HMS Victorious Detail Set and ATEM 60017 HMS Victorious Air Wing Fittings. Recently ATEM 60019 HMS Belfast Detail Set has also become available.

On the Decal side of things, I couldn't provide upgrades for the Type 23 Frigates in 1/350 without producing a decal sheet that covers all the ships of the class. The decals include the pennant numbers, names and funnel badges as well as the deck markings for the flight deck.    Trumpeter had only provided the decals for the ships that they had named their kits for, but as the kits were all the same anyway, why not be able to make the whole class!?

Please check out the main website,   www.atlanticmodels.net    for more more info and images of the new kits and accessories. Thanks for your support.

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