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Revell's 1:72 Messerschmitt Me P.1099

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After finishing my Spitfire, I decided to build this little kit that I found at Hobbies Moròn for a good price.


Only three sprues inside the medium sized box, two in dark green and one clear sprue.


Instructions are of the pre-2017 Revell style, I.E a photocopy with very clear construction steps.


Decals were printed in 1996, making this kit as old as I am. I tested a small decal on my paint mule, and it didn't break, so I'm relieved I won't be having to look for 1:72 German insignia (I mainly build 1:48 akd 32).










Decals and instructions:



My main attack plan will be to paint all the small parts while they're on the sprues, and then assemble them. 







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Nice kit that has a few options.  Nose guns, side remote guns, etc.  Since it’s a Luft 46 it’s pretty much build as you want.  I didn’t fit the nose guns a bit more like the P1099A than the B.  Here with the Horton



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Hello guys, I've made some progress on the Me P.1099.


Cockpit built up:



Cockpit and wheel well glued to the left fuselage half:















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Spent some time at the bench and built the wings. Instead of moulding them with a single lower wing and two upper halves, Revell did them in a left and right assemblies. Aligning them will be a bit tricky.




Also, fuselage halves glued together.



Here you can see the extra weight I put in the cockpit.



And the nose gear well glued to the fuselage.



And here's the airframe completed. Aligning the wings wasn't that tricky after all.



Now it's onto painting. The campuflage will be of RLM 74/75/76 with a yellow lower nose panel.












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I painted the camouflage. I used Revell Aqua acrylics for the RLM 74/75/76, and yellow for the lower part of the nose.






After allowing the gloss varnish to dry, I added the decals. In spite of being 26 years old, they worked perfectly, and reacted nicely to Microsol.

I then let the decals dry overnight, and applied the matt varnish the nect day.


















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