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Revell Starfury builds

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I've built a few of the Revell Starfuries over the years. Despite all the issues with the kit it has become one of my all time favourite kits. Each time I've built it I've tried to do things a bit differently.


Black Omega made in 2003

My first build was straight out of the box using black enamel for the main colour. I took it out of storage a couple of years ago only to find it had broke apart. Fortunately all the pieces were there. Unfortunately when cleaning the model I realised I hadn't sealed the decals. This resulted in the decals becoming damaged. Luckily the effect didn't look that bad and could always be seen as one found years after the Telepath war.





Presidential Starfury made in 2010

My next build was the first one I actually used filler on to clean up the inner wing gaps. It was also my first kit where I painted on multiple colours using an airbrush. As an early weathering attempt I covered the whole model in Humbrol smoke.





Sinclair's Starfury

This build was made in 2020 during the first lockdown. I spent ages trying to get the wings level only to realise that the inner wing sections aren't symettrical. I had to do a lot of filing to get them even. It worked though as when I took measurements they were evenly spaced on both sides.

I decided to try the weathering example they gave in the instructions and it came out ok.

I used picures as a reference for painting the cockpit as the instructions scheme is inaccurate. When I got decals made for the Blue Midget I added a couple of small decals for Starfury pilot faces. This one has Sinclairs face on the pilot. I also made it so the canopy is removable as I attached it with a small magnet.







Blue Midget Starfury

This was made during the second lockdown. I had some decals left pver from Blue Midget so I decided to make a custom Starfury. Using the leftover paint from Blue Midget I hand painted the model. The cockpit was painted in grey's. Can't remember if it was ocean grey or military grey.

I decided to have Cat as the pilot so painted the suit in gold. It also has Cat's face as I'd added the RD crew to the decals as I'd been thinking of doing something like this for a while.





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Here's mine, based on a 5th Emergency Rescue Squadron P-47 Thunderbolt scheme. The background images are also mine, taken using my reflector telescope in my garden observatory.











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