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T-34/85 Factory 112 w/D-5T

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I have finally completed this build. It has taken quite a while, but it is probably the most complex kit I’ve ever actually finished.  The kit includes a full interior with fighting compartment, engine and transmission bay, turret-even fuel tanks.  While it is complex, Miniart has done a superb job with engineering and fit is excellent all around. Detail is spectacular and this is a cool, early variant that you don’t see a lot. I highly recommend this kit!

51854648558_3475d1db0c_b.jpg 51855227215_89ebe99593_b.jpg 51854648618_a3b5525ba7_b.jpg 51855227225_acb512eab4_b.jpg


A little peek at what‘s inside:

T-34/85 50331507376_6e79928b87_b.jpg


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What a result, everything inside and outside the tank is exceptional and the base is fantastic as well, very life like. I really like the way you've completed the wear and weathering - it is there, but in no way overdone, the balance is perfect in my eyes

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