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Airfix DH2 Beaver


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With Airfix re-releasing the Beaver in Autumn 2022. Looking for information on military versions of the type.  Colour schemes, available decals etc.  Is a Turbo conversion possible.


Thank you

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There was extensive coverage- drawings, photos, text, construction hints,on the USAF/US Army versions in Replica in Scale magazine, V2 No. 2, Winter, 1974 No coverage of 'foreign' users, though. Magazine long, long OOP. IIRC, Air Enthuisast had an article on the RAF versions. I had two Airfix kits, but sold them several years ago to a couple of fellow modelers who wanted to build one- wish I had kept one of them, but maybe somebody like Dora Wings, Clear Prop, or Valom will grace us with a  new-tool, as I'm betting the molds on the Airfix kit are worn, and the transparencies were pretty thick and didn't fit all that well; wish they would do a new-tool, instead, but I guess it's all about bang for the buck/pound these days.



This link might be useful:



Some useful modeling details:



Pilot's manual, but has some good modeling details:



An old kit review-build article, but might be uselful:



Has some links to Beaver wensites:


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Search Facebook for the 'Historic Army Aircraft Flight' there is a section of photos of their Beaver AL1  taken in operation and during maintenance.

If you are interested I have scans of the Air Publication pages covering the UK exterior colour scheme and (all) markings dated 1964.

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