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Vickers Vincent - 1/72 Azur/Frrom

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Mother Nature was merciful and allowed the sun to shine a few rays through the clouds today around ten o'clock. I was ready with my camera, and here it is, Vickers Vincent K4134/D of No 8. Squadron, as photographed near Dhala, Aden Protectorate, mid-1935, build from the Azur/FRROM/Special Hobby 1/72 kit.


The kit has a few errors, which I have decided to deal with, as you may observe in the build thread here:

I corrected the wrong area around the rear cockpit and replaced the smallish engine. Both errors are common to all boxings of the kit, except the Spanish Vildebeests and Vildebeest Mk.IV, the latter with the same wrong arrangement in the rear gun area, however, with Bristol Pegasus replaced by the Perseus from the same stable. Additionally, I rescribed quite a few panel lines, as they were wrong for a Vincent. Nevertheless, in general, it is a nice kit and I loved the build. And I believe that even without the corrections, it would look impressive just so out of the box.


Engine by Radial engines & wheels, guns by Mini World and GasPatch, light bomb carrier by Eduard, other small details either from my own stock or scratchbuild. Decals are a mixture from my stock, only the stencils come directly from the kit. Brush painted with combination of Humbrol, Model Master and Revell enamels. As usual in my case, without rigging.


Enjoy the pictures. The last one gives a direct comparison of the Vincent with the Vildebeest Mk.IV built five years ago.

















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4 hours ago, mick b said:

The finish of both kits is superb. Not fancy trying to do the rigging on them?

This temptation stopped haunting me 22 years ago.😀


1 hour ago, Bertie Psmith said:

I'm sorry but without the rigging they just look unfinished to me. Very nice builds so far but just not finished. :shrug:

I appreciate your opinion. I like my kits the way they are, but I fully respect that other people may think differently. After all, something would be wrong if they didn't.😉

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Excellent job on those models - I have both of these, and not only do I hope mine will come out half as nicely as yours, I can assure you they will (if I'm lucky)!





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19 hours ago, AdrianMF said:

Nice build! The Vincent and the Vildebeeste (also lovely) look surprisingly different to each other, and must make a very nice pair on the shelf.

That's because it is the Mk.IV Vildebeest. Mk.III would look (un)surprisingly similar to the Vincent, I think. Let us see in another five years.😀


19 hours ago, 72modeler said:

A beautiful pair! Big and handsome biplanes. Rigged or not, you have every right to be proud of these two brush-painted beauties! Now you need a Shark to go with them!


Shark, Baffin, Ripon, Swordfish - all on the list, all in stash. Watch this place for the next 10 years, and you might see them here. 😀

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Very nice work. Skillfully brushed paint. Don't the two Vees look great together? Always happy to see some 'tween the wars bipes in these pages. Ditto on the rigging comments. Part of the character of these old crates is the drag-inducing tangle of wires.

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