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AIMS 1/32 Mistel 3


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Hi everyone here is my 1/32 Mistel 3 W.Nr. 460065, Bernburg, Germany, April 1945.

Paints were Mr Paint range - with their RLM 76 diluted with 50% white to achieve a late war cobalt reduced RLM 76.

Conversion / decals - my AIMS 1/32 Mistel 3 conversion set

Other AIMS products - Ju 88 A-1 Essential PE, Tail wheel Bay PE, Main Gear bay test shot PE, Ju 88 External Manufacturing Plates decals

Non AIMS products - HGW Ju 88 seat belts


Problems during build - Bad back, tennis elbow, carpal tunnel, Covid 19 and pneumonia - Oh sorry you mean with the build..... things needing filler only and if using what Mr Paint call an undocumented 'RLM 76 Grunblau' again I would give it a monotone RLM 02 undercoat to add strength / depth to this very weak colour regardless of what it truly is called or was in real life.


During the build I purchased the Flugzug for the Mistel 2 from Luftachieve and saw the cable for the explosive charge on the back support rod was in a pale colour. When I did my Mistel 2 I had just said ok it must be yellow but this time I asked D.E Brown and he supplied me with the colour chart for the different voltages the Luftwaffe used. All I needed then was to see in the Flugzug that the fuse at the base and top of the rod was 24 volts and I had my answer - 'Violet'.  If you have any questions I will do what I can to help. thanks again and best wishes, John



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