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2TAF RAAF Mk.VI Mozzie - 464 Squadron

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Ten days since an update, that's terrible.


I'd been waiting for some decals to arrive so I could tart up the cockpit. They've since been installed and construction has continued.


Some detail painting on the cockpit side walls has helped bring out the resin detail.








Cockpit completed so that meant the fuselage halves could be joined, 




The resin bulkheads for the cockpit has caused a teeny tiny gap in the fuselage seam just behind the canopy rear and just forward of the bomb bay seam. I'll get some piccies of it when I clean it up so you can see what I mean.


Tyres and props have been done. I think the props could do with a bit more weathering with some oils.






The slip marks on the wheels/tyres were apparently white but I've opted for a buff colour so it's not as stark against the dusty tyres. These resin items are a big leaps compared to the half 'n' half kit items. Not so bad if they were smooth tread but these are the block style and I'm not interested in reinstating tread grooves.




More to come.





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Hi all, back again.


It's been a week of small gains on the Mozzie.


The fuselage seams have been tidies up, empennage has been attached and other various minutia have been installed.


The nose cone and ammo box cover fit reasonably well though a little liquid putty was needed to fair it all in.




As with the underside panel for the 20mm canons.  The tape on the wings is to protect the clear lenses for the landing lights and the glary bit between the fuselage and port engine nacelle is the radiator flap catching the work light.




The bomb brackets have been installed under each wing and the wing tip navigation lights have been attached and polished. The gap is the join for the outer wing panel for the two different versions of wing tip light arrangements. The two versions of the  wingtip light arrangements are in the kit. Being an fighter/bomber outfit, 464 squadron aircraft they had the single light. The bomber versions had a rear cut out for a white? light.








The resin cockpit has come up well.





Some care and attention is needed when assembling the gear leg arrangements. Although the parts that comprise each unit are identical the legs are handed. A single strut on each leg will determine whether it's left or right handed. I've only applied glue to one side of the units for two reason. Firstly doing this will fix the alignment of each part so when it comes time to mate the parts they will match without worry of them pinging off into the ether if they were under tension. Secondly is the through axle for the tyre. Without faffing around making with removable axles you'll need to leave the kit parts separate until it comes time to add the wheels/tyres.




That's it for now.




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On 2/18/2022 at 8:45 PM, Wings unlevel said:

This is really looking good.


On 2/19/2022 at 3:32 PM, Hewy said:

 Your mossie is Looking superb mick 👍

Thanks Hewy.


Not much has been happening here for the last week or so as the weather has been terrible. Biblical amounts of rain with biblical amounts of flooding isn't a good combo for painting.


I went back to the images I had of 464 squadron aircraft and realised that my codes were oversized by ~1.5mm. So I've recut them and applied them with much faffing around with tape and dividers to get them in the correct location. I'm happy with how they look and their ratio of height to the depth of the fuselage looks a lot better. The black is for the serial number. Once they're done I can move onto the red, white, yellow and blue of the roundels and fin flash, after that I can start to do the colouring in!!!











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Those masks look good Mick. I didn't realise you were painting all the markings.

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Posted (edited)
2 hours ago, Col. said:

Those masks look good Mick. I didn't realise you were painting all the markings.

G'day Col. Yep, certainly am painting the masks. I could probably scrounge around for AM sheets but the Cameo lends itself well to this type of work. I've had the cutter about a year and it's perfect for this type of work as you can paint any scheme you can find. It also allows plenty of leeway with the brewing your own colours.

Edited by Mick Drover
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