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Great to find this forum


Just got back into plastic kits again, I've got quite a stash to work through. Mainly ww2 aircraft but some ships as well, also a couple of oddball presents from years ago, Wallace n grommit and some daleks.


Unpacked all my gear and found a tin of humbrol from Woolworths with a price tag of 2D! and some airfix enamels, they might give my age away

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Hi Jeff, I have a gift set 1:570 titanic the my wife bought about 10 yrs ago and my son has just bought me the Revell HMCS Snowberry. Currently though I'm finishing an airfix rnli Severn class lifeboat, 1:72, which I started around 2010. Time flies. I've been eyeing some 1900's fighting ships but also early dreadnoughts and ww2. I heard that airfix are releasing the HMS fearless again which I first built in the 70's that I have my eye on as well. Although I keep telling myself that I should build some of my stash first.... 





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