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GEE in a Mosquito


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I'm working on the interior of a Mosquito B.IX. I've produced a model of the GEE receiver and indicator in CAD which I intend to print. What I'm struggling with is the frame in which the indicator unit is mounted at an angle.

Tamiya's 1/32 kit provides a plausible looking set of shapes, but it's all a bit soft, and I can't find any meaningful photographs showing the frame. Being tucked between the pilot's seat and wing spar, it doesn't feature incidentally in photographs.

Has anyone seen anything that might help?


An even longer shot, does anyone have images ahowing OBOE? Probably not such a big issue as it sits inside the painted-over nose glazing, but it would be nice to know,



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Lots of Mosquito radio fit info on the following thread (and in some of the included links), including a drawing that shows the type 62 mounting frame from the front


Photo of what is believed to be Oboe apparatus installed in a mosquito

http://www.mosquitocrash.com/Bleskensgraaf/Oboe apparatuur.JPG

Found on this Dutch page


And more on Oboe here including another annotated internal shot of Oboe in a Mosquito


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I think that you will find that, once installed, the Gee support frame will be largely invisible. A few wires glued on an angle mid way down the Gee box would suffice to represent the upper part of the frame.

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