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Airfix 1:72 Blackburn Buccaneer S.2C XV336 HMS Eagle

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I proudly present my 1:72 Bucc!

It took just over a month to do and I'm very happy with the finish on it (brushpainted).












I had lots of fun making this, it's a relatively easy model and the single colour fuselage really helps with build speed, one of my fastest models (although the fact that I had to self isolate for 10 days helped a lot with getting me time to build)


Thanks for looking!

Next RFI either F-15E or another JP T.4

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29 minutes ago, Lord Riot said:

That’s beautiful. How do you get the brush painting so smooth? I’m assuming you don’t use cheap eBay brushes and Humbrol mini pots?

I used Revell aqua color paints and for large surfaces such as wings and fuselages I use a humbrol coloro 8 brush. I can't really describe how I get the finish, I just thin my paints quite a bit and do it in very gradual layers, this is probably like 5 coats of thin paint, looks awful at the start of the process but the finish is usually great. Here's what it looked after a coat or two:


Doesn't look nice right? It does work though, the proof is in the pudding.

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