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Rye Field 1/35 Panther Ausf F - What If Scheme


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6 hours ago, Model Mate said:

Ooh, not sure about that camo finish - I think you need to clean your airbrush…! I know the weathering will knock it back, but still……. 

Am hoping that was humour..... That's just a drawn version on my iPad..... Hahaha mind, the finished one is likely to be as bad!!!!!

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its gone green.... really pleased with that (less so with how I tried to add parts from other tanks (ie engine deck and one harth).. oh well, can weather them differently










and with the turret





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9 hours ago, Longbow said:

Rob, I like Camels too… It’s okay…


We all have out proclivities, and no one will judge here….


Now… I’ve got the Duct tape… Where’s that chicken hiding…




Like I said to one (ex) girlfriend, "Silence is Golden.. but Duct Tape is Silver... ;)

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  • 2 weeks later...

turret has had pin wash and matt varnish to allow me to do the factory markings. spare tracks done - just placed on turret to give me an idea on how good/bad they look



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55 minutes ago, Redcoat2966 said:

That's coming along nicely Rob, cool came' scheme. I have some of that putty stuff myself. Must get round to giving it a try. Looking forward to the final product.........:yes:

Thanks... Have now started on the factory writing on the turret. Done using white artists pencil. I may go over them in white paint to make them more distinctive...











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  • 4 months later...

been a while... oil filter done, bits and bobs added... think I only need to get the tracks looking OK and then add the tow cables and it is finished. (photos only show oil wash... tools etc all on now).











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