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Nissan 89 C 1989 LeMans

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NISSAN 89C Group C sports cars 
This is the limited release with metal parts edition . I used to drive to Monza to watch the group C races which
 went on for quite a number of years and in 1989 Nissan started taking it seriously . They never won any races but
 the car was a very attractive car built by Lola in the UK . 
The pros
The whole kit is very well executed everything fits properly . You have to be careful with the metal fuel intake funnels as well as positioning of the metal radiators . The rest fits like a glove . 
The cons 
i was not happy with the decals so i ordered them from Studio 27.The weight of the car once built is heavy . I did not see any advantage of making the engine in metal but the radiators do stand out .
I used pure white spray can and royal blue air brushed .
From Studio 27 . this set depicts one of the 1989 Lemans racers which in reality raced without the rear wheel covers . The decal that covers the hood and goes down on both sides of the doors is not large enough to cover the door hinge , so you have a white and red line which should have been all red . i believe this is because it was designed for the Tamiya kit .
Rubber tubes
They come in 2 sizes and you need to cut them to size and they fit very well on the radiator nipples . one set is for fuel and the other for oil .  

Nissan 89 C 1989 Le Mans 16176 16177 16178 16183 16175 16172

16185 16184


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yes the results came with Jeff Brabham behind the wheel but i also remember they had almost no competition there . I used to time them in Italy and they were always 2 secs slower than the Benz C1 at the time driven by Karl Weidlinger and a young M Shumacher .

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