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Dirty Mig-29A IRIAF 1/72 Trumpeter - Third build into the hobby & 3D printing

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Hello modellers and friends,


Finished my third build some time ago and I got the time to make some pictures today. This was actually my second attempt since I was done painting and accidentally spilled reducer on the wing. When trying to fix it , the wing became worse and worse untill it was beyond saving. 

So this build took me two boxes to finish it. 


I also purchased a 3d printer (anycubic photon mono) and moddelled a ladder in blender. It worked out very well and I'm excited to see where I can take this. Planning to make pilot models as well.




















For my fourth build I am making a su-25 frogfoot. If you're interested you can follow the build here:



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13 hours ago, MiG-Mech said:


I like that iranian camouflage.

Which paint did you use ?

Hi, just a regular yellow and blue from mr hobby aqueous and mixed it with a lot of white. 

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9 hours ago, Tomcat101 said:

Impressive model of the Mig-29.  I really like the IRIAF paint scheme - the soft tones really work. :)

I agree, I also really like those soft tones. That’s why I chose to build this scheme! :) 

Thanks everyone. I am very glad you like it 

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Wow thanks a lot guys! Really nice to see everyone enjoys my latest project! Appreciate the positive feedback 😀

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