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Challenger 1 TOGS pics

Wayne B

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I’m hoping to scratch build a TOGS sensor/sight (or rough approximation) as fitted in RH barbette for my 1/72 Challenger 1, but can’t find any pics online of the sensor unit itself. My references aren’t helping me out either.

Can anyone point me towards some good photos of the sensor unit?


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15 hours ago, ivan-o said:

TBH in that scale you would get away with blanking the barrette off and just put a lens in the middle.Heres what I did in 1/35






Thanks Ivan. That gives me a general shape at least.

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I think that this is the best you are going to get.  The barbette door was only opened for functional testing and live firing as the germanium thermal head is crazy expensive if damaged so we only ever opened the door when absolutely neccesary. 


If you are modelling it in a passive mode then the head parks at about a 25 degree up angle and only aligns when the gun kit is active.



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