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1/72 Heller Sherman Mk.III "27th Armoured Brigade 1944"

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Dear fellow Britmodellers,

here's my 1/72 Heller Sherman M4A2, built as a British Mk.III.

Stowage from Milicast, figure, decals and photo-etch from Dan Taylor Modelworks.

Painted with Mr.Hobby acrylics, pictures by Wolfgang Rabel.




I'm primarily an aircraft builder, and not an expert on Sherman tanks.

However I understand that "a Sherman is not a Sherman" and there's numerous differences between marks and operators.

Studying my (limited) references and the Dan Taylor Modelworks decal instructions (27th Armoured Briagde Set 3, T-76007) I hope I got most details right.

The brushguards and the antenna socket are photo-etch parts from Dan Taylor's selection.

The antenna itself is a piece of stretched black sprue.

Markings represent a mid-production vehicle of the Junior Regiment of C-Squadron, 27th Armoured Brigade in France, 1944.
































Thank you for your interest,

all feedback and comments on possible errors is welcome!

Greetings from Vienna





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On 1/16/2022 at 10:32 AM, Yorkshire man said:

Overall very good model, just a few observations the figure seems a little under scale (AB figures would be a better size) also location holes for light guards and hull lifting rings could do with filling.

Thank you very much for feedback, Yorkshire.

It's not easy finding British tank crew figures in 72 scale; the one I used is from Dan Taylor's 1/76 scale range.

Thanks for your recommendation, I will check AB figures!

I agree on the locator holes of light guards and lift rings, the Heller kit is a bit heavy on these details.

Won't happen on my next build, I promise!




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I agree about the chap in the turret. A larger AB figure will work well there. I have some of their US tankers for my own Heller M4 - to be done in the group build.


Anyway, a masterful model as usual Roman. 

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