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Sukhoi SU-25



This little entry is an OLD  boxing of Revell's 1/48 Sukhoi SU-25. Inaccuracies abound in the kit. I supplanted Eduard's P/E set for the Frogfoot, Quickboost's bang seats, and other modifications either, scratch built from rod and strip or, 3d printed. The paint was Mig-ammo Tamiya and Alclad II.






The build thread is here:

Thanks for stopping by and having a look see.

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IDF F-4E Kurnass - Squadron 69 “The Hammers” 1998


Model: Zoukei-Mura 1/48th F-4E Early Version

Scheme: IDF F-4E Kurnass Squadron 69 “The Hammers”

Paint:  AK Interactive Real Color, and MRP, Tamiya Acrylics, Model Master Metalizer Lacquer 


Aires - Late Series Exhaust Nozzle set

Hypersonic – F-4E Late Slat Conversion Set

Isradecal – Sqn 69 The Hammer decal set

Reskit – AGM-142 “Popeye”

WingMan – F-4E In-flight Refueling Probe















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El Salvador, 1981


 After some rather elongated builds of late I decided it was time for a proper little mojo build and remembered this little kit in the stash, which conveniently fits right in with this GB.    


El Salvador purchased decond hand, sanction dodging Dassault MD.450 Ouragan jets from Israel to upgrade their Air Force after the 1969 Football War against Guatemala fought with piston engined aircraft. The jets were then used during the long civil war from 1979 - this particular airframe being destroyed in the Battle of Ilopango Airport in early 1981 - a guerilla attack on the Salvadorian military that led to US financial intervention in the conflict.    


The kit is a recent issue from Miniwing, a plastic remake of their earlier resin release. This example comes as a bagged, single airframe example with the Salvadorian markings and was built OOB with the exception of generic bombs aquired from a Corsair kit which had the same appearance as some 250kg iron bombs seen in one photo in use during this conflict.








Come say hi in the thread 😁



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1/72 Supermodel Cant Z1007 Bis, 


I was inspired to build this one after finding someone's build on the Internet so this was the ideal opportunity to build it. 


First Supermodel kit I've built, all parts fit together well, so recommend giving them a go.


The camouflage takes a while and probably contains a map to the Holy Grail if you stare at it for long enough  !


Build thread below



Here's the completed model, I hope you like it


Cheers Pat












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Finally finished, a few months later than I intended. It's Mikromir's 1/144 scale Handley Page Victor B1/B1a/K1/K1a/B1a(K.2P) with modifications to make an accurate B1. I changed the leading edge of the wings and replaced the kit's inaccurate airbrake fins. Decals are from various Mark1 Decals sheets and a couple of the kit's stencils.


Build thread:


IMG_20220414_180939998_HDR~2 IMG_20220414_193604470_HDR IMG_20220414_194444281_HDR IMG_20220414_194458139_HDR IMG_20220414_193600104_HDR





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Here is my Morris Quad truck and its howitzer, joining the Bombers Group Build courtesy of the "ground attack" clause...💂‍♂️


It's from the 7th armoured division, June 1944 in Normandy, represented here by a mossy patch in my suburban Australian backyard (a long way from Normandy...).







More pics in the build thread and some more below too.







Thanks for looking and congrats to all those who posted (or still will) their great builds into this gallery. A very enjoyable GB!



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Here's mine, Trumpeter's AS-90 howitzer in 1/72.

Build thread is here but to recap:


Kit: Trumpeter 07221 AS-90 SPG

Scale: 1/72

Build: Out of box

Paints: Halfords plastic primer, Tamiya & Revell acrylics, Klear, Flory Models Wash, Oils, W&N Matt Varnish

Extras: Value Gear Details stowage bits


52008321019_4475ae4443_b.jpg1_72_Trumpeter_AS-90_Done_ (9) by Dermot Moriarty, on Flickr


52008072786_f76bc44cac_b.jpg1_72_Trumpeter_AS-90_Done_ (8) by Dermot Moriarty, on Flickr


52008581750_ccbab3b4fe_b.jpg1_72_Trumpeter_AS-90_Done_ (14) by Dermot Moriarty, on Flickr


52007042152_d7425e0a0e_b.jpg1_72_Trumpeter_AS-90_Done_ (10) by Dermot Moriarty, on Flickr


52008313004_f10ab286a9_b.jpg1_72_Trumpeter_AS-90_Done_ (12) by Dermot Moriarty, on Flickr


Thanks for looking, happy modelling.

All the best,

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My contribution

Trumpeter Morser Karl Gerat in 1/144th, WIP is here

Built OOB, coloured in with rattle-can primer and Vallejo Model Air paints


Best viewed from a distance, ideally facing away from the screen,  so please step back from the computer before scrolling down ;)










Thanks for looking



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Well I didn't get around to making proper photos of this but I will get some when I am back from holidays in 3 weeks.


This was a super fun build and really stretched my skills. Great learning curve.









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This is my entry for this GB. It is a Mitsubishi F-1 from 6 Sqn JASDF at a TAC meet in 1996, in which the normal Brown of the paint scheme is painted in a different Green and some special markings are applied. The build thread is here:- 











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It was a bit of a dash at the end but I managed to finish it on the night before we departure to Moson Show in Hungary, bellow is the picture with competitors in maybe most numerous category. I enjoyed this groupbuild and very glad I finished it. I will take better pictures for RFI, I promise 😀.


Here's the building thread:











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This is my build of the old Hasegawa Jaguar modified to GR.1a standards though that only changes the payload as all the mods were internal. The kit markings were for a GR.1 of 54 Squadron taking part in Exercise Bullseye in Germany in 1979 and the plane in question later transferred to an OCU and crashed in 1986. I went for a different machine of the same Squadron as it was at the end of the 1980's and added an AL/ALQ-101 ECM pod and a Phimat countermeasures dispenser, together with the drop tank and bombs from my equally old Airfix kit. Here is a link to the build.

DSC06509-crop DSC06511-crop DSC06513-crop

It is a simple kit, a bit basic by today's standards but I enjoyed building it.



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Here is my Italeri, Korea-era, USMC F4U-4 Corsair, straight OOB...the WiP is here...I have to invest in some aircraft carrier backdrops...













Thanks folks!  See you around the forum!  Thank you to the Mods for this very fine and broad-minded GB.





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Vought  SB2U-3  Vindicator

VMSB-131   MCAS Quantico   October 1941


1/48 Accurate Miniatures with HiPM parts, aftermarket extras and some scratch-building.

More here.


















@Col. Thanks for hosting this perfect groupbuild. It made me salvage this kit from the cave of forgotten souls and - more important - finish it in due time. I'm happy, and so is my wife: Two boxes less in the cabinet...


Cheers, Michael


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This is Hasegawa's 1/72 Tornado GR.1 pretty much OOB - I have used one of my old Airfix Hi Tech weapons kits for the BOZ-107 and Sky Shadow pods and also their rather more detailed JP233 dispensers. It is in the markings of 617 Squadron in the late 1980's, before they went all over grey. Here is a link to the build.

And here is the end result - colours are a little dark as it was late in the afternoon.

DSC06584-crop DSC06585-crop DSC06588-crop

 A pretty enjoyable build to finish my contribution to this GB.



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1/72nd Hasegawa Jaguar GR1 XZ387, 31 Sqn early 1980's

Finally, finished my Jaguar, which took longer than I thought. I think this was due to the add-ons required more work than I anticipated. A bit of the eighties when we did worry about whether we were going to see the nineties. Build thread here

Jag 12 Jag 16 Jag 14 Jag 13 Jag 15


Thanks to Col and Enzo for making this all happen.

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Finished Hobby 200 HS 129 B2

I have enjoyed this, learned a few new things and look forward another aircraft in the future, but, back to tanks for now!! Thanks to Col for hosting and supporting!!



52065716316_d077bb8566_b.jpg 52064676512_b970263499_b.jpg


52066207650_73f21c42fb_b.jpg 52064676507_69b4b90ed0_b.jpg



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Monogram 1/48

A-26A/B converted to A-26K Counter Strike


My final Build. Monogram's 1/48 A-26A/B converted to a Vietnam Era A-26K Counter Strike aircraft. OZ Mod Conversion set,, Eduard Cockpit and External P/E sets, and additional parts 3D Printed.

Paint AK, MIg-Ammo, and Model Master. Decal set  AeroMaster Air War over Vietnam Pt VII A/B-26K Invaders 2






 You can find the WIP here:

Thanks for stopping by and having a look around.

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Douglas DB-7B Boston III A28-9 "She's Apples"

22 Squadron RAAF, Goodenough Island, 1943

Personal aircraft of 22 Sqn CO Wg Cdr Charles Learmonth DFC and Bar

Special Hobby, 1/72, "Early Gunships" boxing


A hard kit to build and a rough and rushed result in the end, but happy to have finished!











Build thread here:


Anyway, hopefully another interesting subject in a GB choc full of them!




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