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MIG US Paratrooper paint set. Confused.


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Dear all I have a problem I have bought this set and I am confused as to which color is used where. can some one help me out please. there is a diagram on the box but it is so confusing. the colours are;

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I did a pair of Airfix US Paratrooopers

33802216428_ba47668ba6_b.jpgUS Para Thompson 50620714 by losethekibble, on Flickr


33792453358_7d9b0d69dd_b.jpgUS Para grenade 50620712 by losethekibble, on Flickr


I spent a while researching this, and the figures above are based on this.    


Some googling will get you various answers and images, which is what I did when I did these,  try "US Paratrooper M1942"


But, FWIW, The 1942  uniform



THis is particularly good,  with a very detailed description of the real uniform




started out pale olive drab tended to wash out to a pale yellow/buff,  and varied in appearance, and were also frequently reinforced by the riggers with green canvas at the knees, elbow and jacket pockets.  


"This distinctive M1942 paratrooper uniform was adopted in December 1941. After the airdrops in the Mediterranean, it was decided that the uniforms needed additional alterations to make them more useful for the Normandy air drops. To make the uniforms more resilient, they were turned over to parachute riggers, who used spare canvas to sew knee and elbow patches. Pockets were removed from the tunic and trousers and canvas gussets were stitched between pockets and the surface of the uniform. This enabled the pockets to expand significantly and hold additional ammo or rations. The riggers sewed straps to the inseams of the trousers, which the paratrooper tied over the enlarged thigh pockets to help secure their contents in place. Because of the large number of paratroopers, the riggers did not have time to reinforce all of the uniforms. So you can see a mix of reinforced and unaltered M1942s in D-Day photos." 


http://www.usarmymodels.com/UNIFORMS EQUIPMENT/PARATROOPER AND GEAR/paratrooper.html

Note this replicate a painted over uniform.




"M1942: The colour of the M1942 is sand. It varries from tan sand to yellow sand and it is not greenish as some guides suggest. I have used Vallejo US Field Drap (873), Green Ocre (914) with white/sand for the highlight.
The material used for the uniform was pretty weak and the men reeinforced it at ellbows and knees using material from the jump equipment. This should be dark green, brown or grey. Dark green is seen in most cases. Not everybody did this so you can vary this feature to add some colour to the army.
To add some variety to my troops I have used different colours for some of the trousers, this can be any light brown you have available.
Webbing and equipment: I've used Khaki or Khaki Grey for the webbing. It should be somewhat lighter than the uniform and the colours varied a lot. Light browns can also be used and I've seen this with drinking bottles especially. Bags and backpacks are often dark olive green, I've used Olive Green/Grey or US Dark Green in most cases.
Helmet: The helmet is dark green or olive green. I've US Dark Green with some black in most cases. Use the same colours for the netting. Medpacks are khaki, chinstraps are leather.
Rifle: Foundry Spearshaft with some black added for the wooden parts.
Jump Boots: Jump boots are made of brown leather and I've used Foundry Tan.



I'd ignore the paint names, and do some brush out and  see what the colors look like, and what looks good to you.    Personally I would not trust the Spanish paint companies to colour match with "both hands and a map"  hence the suggestion.   


More searching will turn up more information, but hopefully this will give you some pointers.



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