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Sardaukar's 'finished' output for 2021


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I started building 1/72nd scale armour in late 2020, I am another lockdown convert to scale modelling. Ive built and painted 40k stuff in the past going through several life phases. Also in my yoof I built a number of scale model kits none of which I ever remember painting, all those models came to a nasty end, think turps or darts.


I didnt finish anything until the start of 2021 and here they are, all in 1/72.



A zevezda Tiger my first 'finished' model, yes I was a Wehraboo and I really needed a Tiger in Panzer Grey.



An S-model Crusader, sparked an interest in British ww2 armour as I realised I knew more about German tanks than British ones.



A wee friends Crusader, yes I will buy resin models to fill gaps in the plastic line up.



For the ANZAC group build an Italeri Carro Armato M13-40 in Australian service.



A Dragon Churchill mk IV NA, this sparked a Churchill building spree, there are 3 others on the shelf of doom waiting to be finished.



A Dragon Panzer III for the PzIII group build, went a bit nuts on weathering for this one.




A Hasegawa Chaffee, this was a quick build which I fired out in less than a week, built and painted.




An UM BT-2 for the less than a tenner group build, Im starting to like the group builds as I will build something I never really planned to.




A Revell T-72M1 as an Iraqi tank again for the less than a tenner group build, my first 'modern armour'




An Ammo T-54B as an NVA tank, now that's NVA as in North Vietnamese Army and not as I've learned an East German tank, this has also sparked a bit of an obsession with the T-54/55 series for me.




A 3D printed (Battlefield3D) Matilda 1, again this is to fill another gap in the line up of British plastic armour kits.


Im quite pleased with the above but there is twice the number above on the shelf of doom to shame me, for my own personal KUTA build.


One last one, this was started in 2021 and finished last weekend for the Nordic Group Build so technically 2022.



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3 hours ago, Wulfman said:

Very interesting and varied collection, very well done !




Thanks, the group builds keep things interesting and also provide the motivation to actually finish models. Otherwise Id probably have called a lot less done.

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