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Centurion Mk 5 in Berlin (AFV Club 1:35)


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My son bought me this kit for Christmas:




Completed out of the box as “Dido” , C Squadron, 4 RTR in Berlin in the early 1960s. Rather unusual in being painted olive drab, with the mantlet cover painted black.

While looking for images and information I found this rather nice bit of newsreel:




Brush painted with Tamiya acrylics, build thread can be found here. Quite a challenging kit for me, rather more complex than the Tamiya AFV kits I have built previously, but very enjoyable.  Back to work next week!


Thanks for looking.









Looks rather good on the shelf with the Comet and Centaur I built at the beginning of last year.


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4 hours ago, Homer said:

Congratulations a beautiful build, well done 👏 



2 hours ago, Lazy Modeller said:

Very good looking beast! I think personally I only would do some weathering on the cannon cover, it would show even more realistic with some shadows.




Thanks! What do you suggest - maybe some additional dry brushing with a dark grey? I don’t want to overdo it, as the photos I’ve seen have had the mantlet cover looking very black.

2 hours ago, Bullbasket said:

Nice work Simon. It just amazed me how quickly you built it. It takes me that long to open the box.



Thanks! I have been on leave though - back to work on Monday. My builds will get much slower…

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40 minutes ago, SimonL said:

maybe some additional dry brushing with a dark grey

Yes! Only a few touches will do the job! Or maybe light grey on the most outgoing parts.

I used to do the dry brush with paints, but lately I discovered the Ammo Dry bush thing and its much easier to accomplish.



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14 minutes ago, SimonL said:

Thanks! I wanted to keep this looking pretty parade ground smart. May be next time - I fancy doing an Australian one or maybe the Korean War Mk 3.


That's a very good point. I bet the Berlin garrison had to polish their tanks since that was such a sensitive and prestigious location.

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