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My Airfix Vintage Classics wishlist

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The 2022 Airfix Vintage Classics list had a couple of welcome choices but ignored a lot of kits that have not been re-issued in a very long time and that I would really like to see again. Here’s what I’d like to see for future Airfix Vintage Classics:




Boeing B-29

Cessna O-1 Bird Dog

Cessna O-2A Skymaster

Curtiss SB2C Helldiver

Dassault Super Mystere

Douglas A-26B/C Invader

Douglas F4D-1 Skyray

Grumman TBM-3 Avenger

Heinkel He 177A-5

Henschel Hs 129B

Kaman SH-2F Seasprite 

Lockheed F-117A

Lockheed S-3A Viking

McDonnell F2H Banshee

Messerschmitt Me 163 Komet

North American F-86D Sabre Dog

North American RA-5C Vigilante 

Rockwell B-1B Lancer

Saab J-35 Drakken

Supermarine S.6b

Westland Puma



Bond Bug

Morris Marina

Austin Maxi

Porsche Carrera Six



Grumman EA-6B Prowler




MV Free Enterprise II

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Many of the 1/72 kits have more recent competition but I'm right with you about the 2 Cessnas, Seasprite and the Puma.  Others (eg Banshee and Viking) are also still good enough to sell well, IMHO.

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Some good choices there, although I reckon the O2 mould might not be in good condition. I built one from an early seventies moulding and it was a bit of trial. 

If I could add to your list, The Lynx brushes up well, although it needs production intakes. The SRN-1 hasn't had an outing since the seventies. 

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Yes, I should have added the SRN-1. That was an oversight on my part. I have an original issue in the stash and it’s a nice kit.

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