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1/48 ScratchAeronautics Supermarine Scimitar

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I have started work on the 1/48 ScratchAeronautics Supermarine Scimitar.  IT seems to be a resin copy of the excellent Dynavector kit.  IT is a decent outline but is NO kit for a beginner.  IT has many obstacles to overcome. Resin assembly & alignment.  Also the surface has many airbubbles that need to be filled.  The details in the Cockpit could use some help and other areas too.     But it is the ONLY game in town unless someone tackles the subject in this scale, which seems highly unlikely.   The superlative kit of this subject still seems to be the CMR resin kit in 1/72....the later moulded kit.....An absolute gem from what I have seen!!

The ScratchAeronautics kit is hard to get and expensive if you can find one...just like the Dynavector kit.    Which I presume would be a bit easier to build but still need some help in areas.   


My old university attempt at this subject!!





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DID you find there was a lot of pin holes in the castings??  I found too many filled some but hoped primer would conceal the rest.  The castings were a bit primitive....especially landing struts and wheels where the fine details were obscured by less than ideal casting.



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