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Angus Tura

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Hi. I'd like to complete a number of blitzbuilds from the last several years. 


220109a Various incomplete blitzbuilds_225424


On the far left is the Belcher Bits Polaris A1 which is pretty close but needs gloss paint, decals and details of the nozzles and base of missile painted.


The Polaris A3 is complete.


In the middle are tomahawk cruise missiles in flying and launch configurations buy Fine Molds. These are complete as far as the instructions go but I was really disappointed that the Gunze C307 and C308 with which its sprayed don't have nearly enough contrast. So, I want to repaint these a bit and while I'm about it I was going to make them Royal Navy specific. I also want to get them onto a base like the Polarises (should that be Polarides?).


The white cruise missiles are an X-55 and X-55M by Amodel which I had in the recent Blitzenbuild. The missiles are complete but not gloss painted and decalled while the trolley the X-55M is sitting on has its wheels only blu-tac-ed.


The white plane with the silver nose is the Anigrand Lockheed X-7. I was finished only to the point where it went on a stand. The cream resin bits are its trolley. Since it was "finished" it's lost a tailplane and in photographing it just now I've managed to break its engine off also! That is probably a good thing as it'll make painting the demarcation between white pylon and metal engine easier.


I've made a start this evening in carving down a bit of the base to hold the flying tomahawk:


220109b Spigot to hold flying tomahawk




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I've selected the "confused" emoji, Dave, in response to your post. That is because we don't seem to have an "upset and slightly offended: that disloyalty goes through me, like a spear"-emoji!


Finishing is relative!



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8 hours ago, JeroenS said:

You definitely have a theme going in your Blitz Builds Alan 🙂 

Yup: I cannot figure out how anyone can do a cockpit in a blitzbuild!



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On 1/10/2022 at 12:37 AM, Angus Tura said:

I also want to get them onto a base like the Polarises (should that be Polarides?).


From what little I remember of my "O" level Latin from nearly 60 years ago I think perhaps "Polari"😆



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Pete. Thanks for your erudition. I weakened and looked this up. 'Turns out, "polaris" is an adjective...so, it doesn't really have a plural. 'Serves me right for cleverdick-dom.


Anyway, the X-7 has its ramjet and pylon molded in one and I thought it would be easier to paint (i.e. not mask,) if the pylon were on the airframe and the ramjet separate.


220121a X-7 pylon mods


This has been two holes drilled through the pylon into the missile to take the brass rods; pylon and engine separated, cutting on the pylon side; reassembled over the brass rods and then the lower bit of the pylon rebuilt with magic-sculp.


The trolley for the X-7 has cross members which stop the fuselage sitting in its cradle because the ramjet fouls the cross members. On "modeling madness" there's a build of this with the cross members carved out a bit but I couldn't get the ramjet low enough thereby:


220122a trolley mods 1


So, I ended up just dividing it:


220122b trolley mods 2


I've subsequently taken out the front cross bar to let the missile sit further forward on the cradle.


Here they all are ready for some paint:


220123a Ready to paint


The X-55s (white cruise missiles) have just been sanded smoother and the fit of the X-55M to the trolley improved. The X-7 tail has been completely re-assembled after another tiny, and probably fortunate, crash into herself's new vinyl floor. The round white bases on the X-7 and X-55M are just 40 thou/1mm plasticard discs cut with a P-cutter compass. They'll be asphalt-ised. The tomahawk in launch-mode has had its connection to the missile silo replaced with perspex and made longer.


See you later.



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