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Airfix 1/72 Mosquito

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I started on this kit on wednesday. Saw a build up video and thought it was a good kit to start getting back into aircraft modelling.

I'm using this kit as practice using washes. Made some up using black enamel and white spirit. It definitely improves things. My builds from over a decade ago always looked a bit plain as any slightly raised detail just faded into the background.








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Hi, and :welcome: to Britmodeller

Looks like you've made a good start on this, but you might want to post your pictures at a size where people can see them without having to click through to each image? 

Rough guide 800-1000 pixels across, max 1200px and 200-300kb for quick loading 😀

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I've painted on the main colours. Decided to do it as No 109 Squadron as I like the look.

I've just remembered why I'm not keen on brushing on Humbrol acrylic. The 106 which I have kept on clumping a bit when brushing on. Might just be because it is an old one I was using though. I never have the same problem with Tamiya paints. The green went on fine though that was a new one I was using.

I still need to paint up the undercarriage, bomb bay doors and propellers but have ran out of primer so need to get some more.

I've also painted the canopy and nose cone. Painted them by hand without masking. Took a while but was still quicker than if I'd done the masking.








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Small update.

Started adding decals to it. I can now see just how rough the brushed on paint it. I'm definitely digging out the airbrush for the next model. I've also added the pilot, bombs and bomb bay doors. Saving the undercarriage doors for the end.






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Looks good. Before getting the airbrush out, please do bear in mind that the regular eyeball doesn’t come with a macro focus or a flash! Your paintwork looks fine to me…




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Great job


I really like it


I think the camo looks fine too


Just a little tip one thing I find is that acrylics dry really quick so if you thin them it gives you more time to brush them on



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For me I've found it depends on the brand. Humbrol seem to dry quicker for me than tamiya acrylics do. I can't say I'm fond of the new humbrol design. It's very difficult to get any paint out of them though the paint at least seems to cover well.

I'll probably stick to brushing for smaller models but when it comes to larger ones airbrush will probably be the way to go.

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