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Matchbox 50th Anniversary Gallery

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Hello everyone,


finished this one on late last week and here are the results. Overall a very enjoyable simple build. Nothing added on cockpit wise bar the replacement RB04s for the ones that met disaster. Really happy this one has been liberated from the Stash and has given a new lease of life.




















Seen here with a Matchbox Me.262  model which I made when I was about 9 or 10, I had a thing for Red Rudders back then!!











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PK-401 Heinkel He115C-1

M2+BL, 3rd Staffel, Küstenfliegergruppe 106, Schellingwoude, Netherlands, autumn 1940












A bit of a rollercoaster build, but I am very pleased with the end result. Aftermarket parts were called in to upgrade the somewhat basic original kit, which dates from 1976. Falcon vacuum-formed transparencies were used, the cockpit and interior was detailed, eventually, with a PE set from Brengun, and a beaching trolley kit from Kora. The kit transfers were utterly shot, so I opted to create paint masks and learn how to make custom waterslide transfers as well. I added mooring points and handling equipment, and added some details to the engines.


The aircraft I chose to model was based in the Netherlands during the autumn of 1940. KFlGr 106 undertook nocturnal minelaying operations in the North Sea. The standard maritime camouflage of RLM 72/73 on top, with RLM 65 below, was adapted for nighttime use by overpainting RLM 22 Schwarz, a temporary black coating. The codes and fuselage crosses were also obscured. The temporary black didn't stand up well to the maritime conditions, and began to wear away on some leading edges. I wanted to try to represent a slightly tired aircraft, and I think I've achieved that.


The build thread is here:


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PK-73 Pz Kw V ausf G Panther






Here's my second completion of this Group Build , the Panther ausf G .  A simple little kit built entirely OOB other than the turret numbers and Panzer Division badge on the glacis , since the originals were wildly out of register .  Painted with Colourcoats and Humbrol enamels .  I haven't added a link to the WIP for the simple reason that I have no idea how to do it .

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Halifax GR II Coastal Command 58 Squadron RAF ST Davids1944.


OOTB build brush painted with Humbrol and Revell acrylics. 


Thanks for looking, Cheers Greg 














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Douglas F3D-2 Skynight

124603, VFAW-3

Cdr. Eugene A. Valencia, May 1960


1/72 Matchbox PK-134 with Print Scale decals



by John L, on Flickr



by John L, on Flickr



by John L, on Flickr



by John L, on Flickr


Since posting these photos in the gallery I have added the decals to the centre of the fuselage stars and bars. I felt that those supplied with the Print Scale set were not correct and set about searching for likely replacements. With photographs of the actual aircraft proving difficult to find, I settled on an image of a paper model which sported the RCAF crest in that area. The decal sheet simply refers to the decal as a British symbol that was added when on a visit to Canada and the flag was added to the tail at the same time. Having decided that the RCAF crest was the more likely option I went with it and printed some decals on white decal paper. This last image is of the model as it stands now and replaces the underside view posted previously.



by John L, on Flickr



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PK-002 : Spitfire Mk. IX (1972 / 1973)


Here is another build of the 2nd kit that Matchbox marketed - the Spitfire Mk. IX. A lovely kit to build and just needed a few added extras to increase the fun.












Build thread is here.


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Here is my Matchbox (ok, duh) AVRE Churchill bridgelayer tank. Straight from the box except I added a little guy to command it, from the Revell US Army figure set. It has this one tank crew member in it among all the infantry figures.


And because, ultimately, Matchbox kits were for PLAYING WITH, I have posed mine outside bridging a real river.








The little winch mechanism actually works, although it is very flimsy. All the bridge related parts are stuck with super glue for added strength. And inside there is a TON of weight to make sure it actually sat on its tracks. 


But it was actually a very simple build. The rigging diagram in the instructions is really clear, too.







Here's the build thread with more photos:



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PK-75 Humber Mk II Armoured Car, 1/76, Revell Reboxing

Build log here


Finished a while back, just forgot to post to the gallery, photographed here against some real Saharan sand blown into Surrey from Africa (which I may collect for weathering powder)





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Here's my AW Meteor N.F.14.  The kit was a swine to build and took far more time than it should have, but we got there in the end and I had some fun along the way.  I brush painted it with horrific Humbrol paints, some of which were donkey's years old and were revived only for the sake of it.  For some reason I also didn't use any masking (apart from the lateral lines) - I think it was a case of nostalgia defeating common sense!  There's about a gallon and a half of filler in there (three different types), I hacked various bits up to make assembly easier and I also inflicted some weird plastic fatigue on the parts by using TET which it was seriously allergic to.  I used the supplied decals which performed pretty well considering that this is a 1987 boxing of the kit.












So, there you go.  Not perfect, but that wasn't what I was after with this one.  You can read the gory details of the build here:






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PK-704 1/12 BMW R100RS


WiP here:

Paints: Zero Paints BMW 530 Silver (actually a silver-blue). Gloss is Zero Paints 2 pack Diamond Finish clearcoat. Humbrol gloss, satin and matt black enamels. Metallics are a mix of Vallejo Metal Colors and the chrome exhausts are Alclad Chrome over Humbrol gloss black enamel.













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Hello everyone .. I present my Matchbox Hawker Tempest II kit #PK-23 in the markings of 152 Sq. “Black Panther’s”. This is somewhat based in fact as they actually operated the type post war. I’m presenting this as a Whif build though, I theorize the war didn't end in September of 1945 and this unit was moved further east into southeast asia to escort and attack Japanese targets in China, Hong Kong, and Indo-china.









Please feel free to visit my build thread to comment or ask questions. 




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PK-26 Armstrong Whitworth Siskin IIIA, 43 Sqn 1929.

Here is the finished Siskin with Modeldecal decals, so a blast from the past all  around. I added some detail to this kit rather than OOB as I am now at the stage where I may not have a chance to build another one (So many kits, so little time). Still basically a very decent kit that is now 48 years old.

Siskin 13 Siskin 17 Siskin 15 Siskin 16 Siskin 14


Build Thread here.

My thanks to Jockney (Pat) and Dave for hosting this GB and to Enzio for keeping us in line (must be like herding cats)

Edited by Mr T
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Another AFV rolls of the bench, this time it's the Sturmegeschutz IV .


A pretty basic, out the box build.

Memories of converting an Airfix StugIII and PzIV into one, using an article in either Airfix Magazine or possibly Almarks Modelworld back in my schooldays, came back as it went together.

The roof mounted MG was lost quite early in the build, or was it put inside by the crew?


Finished with oil paints, over yellow auto primer. Various washes and drybrushings later, it was done.

The base is a bit of card with railway Autumn Leaves scattered over a dirt ground, all held together with PVA and clear car spray.



Build thread here:









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Hello everyone … I present to you matchbox kit #120 The Douglas A-20G Havoc/Boston. It is in the markings of the 645th Bomb Squadron, 410th Bomb Group 9th U.S.A.A.F.. The date is early June 1944 shortly after operation overlord. The nose-art is Whif everything else is accurate. 









Please feel free to ask questions or post comments in my build thread. 






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Matchbox PK-24 Brewster Buffalo in NEI colors, my take on it anyway. A build I've made with a mixture of enjoyment & frustration, enjoyment at the subject & how the colours came together, frustration at the kit which is a bit of a stinker really but the outcome pleased me & imho, it looks ok, the sum of the whole & all that stuff. Decals were from a Hobby 2000 boxing of the Hasegawa kit, the paints used were Humbrol #30, which was closer than  #149 was to the chip in my Monogram book for US Medium Green #42,  which was supposedly what the Jong Blad was matched to. The Oud Blad was supposedly matched to US Olive Drab #41 which I matched by eye with a 4:1 mix of Tamiya XF-63 & XF-49. Underside was XF-16.

Build thread here. 











This last one was supposed to show off my beautifully hollowed out & reprofiled exhausts, & fails miserably at that. :D


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